how to play paintball

How to Play Paintball – A Beginners Guide

Post Resources What to Wear for Paintballing What are Paintballs Made of? What are the Types of Paintball Guns What are the Rules of Paintball? Does Paintball Wash Out? What is the Range of a Paintball
How Much Does Paintball Cost

How Much Does Paintball Cost?

You're probably considering your first outing and wondering, "How much does paintball cost?" I remember my first game – I was both excited and a bit anxious about the expenses.
does paintball paint wash out

Does Paintball Paint Wash Out?

Navigating the World of Paintball Paint Stains Diving into a paintball game is an adrenaline rush, but the aftermath often leaves us with a common query: does paintball paint wash out?
How to form your own paintball team

How to Form Your First Paintball Team

In this weeks Friday Frag, Josh Foote tackles the issue of forming your first paintball team. How many players do you need? What are you getting yourself into? Read on!
paintball team chemistry

Paintball Team Chemistry 101

With the right 'Elements' you can find ‘Catalyst’ whose interactions provide added 'Motivation' for your team. Mix it all together and you just might get a high level of ‘Task Cohesion'. Say What? PRO Paintball identifies good team chemistry in Part 2 of our five part series, Anatomy of a Pro Roster.
Mind Games


Top athletes and coaches in other sports will tell you that mental skills are just as important as physical abilities. Part 2 of "So You Want To Play Pro?" focuses in on the mental aspects of the game paintball. Read on as we point out the obstacles and potential opportunities.

[VIDEO] Pro Paintball Tips x Dynasty

Training to develop the finer points of your game will help get you to the podium. How long until your mantle doesn't suffice to display JUST your 1st place 'Cup

New Paintball tips for Xball by Greg Pauley, VICIOUS

Greg Pauley of pro paintball team Omaha Vicious sits down with eTV to share a few tips for xball teams. Watch as Greg explains a series of paintball "do's and don'ts", and learn how to maximize your paintball playing experience both on and off the field.
Tampa Bay Damage

Anatomy of a PRO Paintball Roster

Anatomy of a PRO Paintball Roster . . . is not an exact science. There has been innumerable approaches to putting them together. There are some tenets however that have withstood