For any athlete across all sports, training facilities are incredibly important.

But what makes a facility great? Is it having the best equipment? Is it location? Is it the staff?

Yes, these things are important, but arguably what makes a facility the “best” is competition. Iron Sharpens Iron, as the old saying goes. You don’t want to train somewhere that doesn’t give you the ability to test your metal against others.

As paintball players, we feel the same way.

Sure, it’s fun to win points all the time against weaker opponents, but how do we get better doing that? The short answer is you don’t. If that’s how you train, you will absolutely lose when it’s event time.

However, there is facility located south of Dallas Texas, in the Town of Waxahachie, and here is where you will be tested for real.

When you drive up to Paintball FIT, go around the bend, and arrive in parking lot, you can feel something special is going on. The lot is packed, teams are spread out everywhere, the sound of paint flying, and field call outs ring through the air viciously. Guys are scrambling back and forth from the pro shop carrying paint 4 cases high, rushing to get back to the start gate so they can grind.

XTPL EVENT – Photo Credit to Verbal Photo 

THIS is what we look for as players, and JD Luckau, the owner of Paint Ball fit has provided this for us.

If you did not know, Paintball FIT is the home field for pro squads AC: Dallas and AC: Diesel, and when you arrive there, it is very apparent why they play here.

Paintball Fit has three event quality turf airball fields all lined up in a neat row. Each field has air on both ends, and a crow’s nest above to watch the action for spectators and coaches alike.

AC: Diesel Running Points- Photo Credit to Verbhal Photo

Field 1, is the divisional field where there is a lot of action, Field 2 the middle field, is where both AC squads practice, and Field 3 is the lower divisional field.

As we walked around the facilities we felt something that we hadn’t felt in a long time, as we’ve been around the block, and played a lot of events at all levels. It was actually butterflies. The grind is so real here. It felt like paintball in the glory days. Back when RAZA in San Diego was producing killers for Aftermath, and Dynasty.  

It feels so pure. There’s no bullshit, no upsell, no music playing. This place is the real deal, and you can feel it. People walking off field for mere seconds just to grab air and paint. Hearing guys yell “Run in back now, let’s go” just ready to rock.

 We geared up and got after, and I will tell you, these teams don’t play around. The competition is fierce, and you will be tested on field 1. 

Shaked and Baked D4 Squad On Field 1- Photo Credit to Verbhal Photo

After playing all day, we took some time to talk to the players. We thought to ourselves why is there so much talent located in Dallas, come to find out a lot of these players travel here. Players from Austin, Houston, Oklahoma, Louisiana, all make the drive to play at FIT, and that speaks volumes. The divisional talent here is 2nd to none. Its very rare that we see this much volume of talent in one location, all at once.

Something else that is really cool for a player is the ability to watch pro squads practice, and seek advice from those playing at the highest level. The pros from both AC squads were offering tips to those they saw needing help, and always seem to have a watchful eye on the other games going on when they are between points or taking a break.

JD and the Luckau family have created something perfect for those who want to grind. You can tell they really understand the player, and what they look for in a field.

Sarah and JD Luckau- Photo Credit to Verbhal Photo

I was also fortunate enough to play in an USXBL event at FIT with some old friends and members. Over two days 50 teams battled it out for the podium, and the event couldn’t have run any smoother. The facility has ample parking, and plenty of space to spectate. The player staging areas are well located and well thought out. Shout out to Greg Pauley and Steve Rabackoff for throwing excellent events for the Texas players! 

Zamer from Urban Hunting at USXBL- Photo Credit to Verbhal Photo

 Additionally, if you’re thinking this place is only for the initiated, and that you won’t be welcome as a new player, that is absolutely incorrect. JD and his staff are very welcoming, and with your admission price, they will outfit you with a tournament quality gun set up if you don’t have one. They will also do their best to get you matched up with the right skill level of players so you don’t get perpetually smoked all day.

I urge you, if you are a newer player, and didn’t get to experience feeling paintball in its hay day, or you are an OG getting back into the game, get down to FIT so you can experience paintball in its purest form. It’s what we all love, and we should be thankful that a place like this exists for us to enjoy the game as its meant to be played.


Started in 04 with the Bushwackers, played with my boys on Edgekids, raised a family, and now back in the game!