Inside the WCPPL

Intro to the West Coast Paintball Players League Diving headfirst into the adrenaline-pumping world of paintball, the West Coast Paintball Players League (WCPPL) emerges as a thrilling chapter in my journey.
PBLI paintball

PBLI: The Paintball League International

Stepping into the dynamic world of PBLI (Paintball League International), we're diving headfirst into an exhilarating realm where passion for paintball thrives at its zenith. For those of us who've

406’s Finest – Unstoppable

For more up to date info on Pro Paintball Teams, check out our Pro Paintball section. The team basically started together at the 2009 phoenix open, in late 2008 there was
nxl paintball National Xball League

National Xball League Teams 2023

The NXL Teams of Professional Paintball The National Xball League (NXL) teams are the pinnacle of professional paintball. They boast a roster of teams that are not just skilled but have
Kyle Spicka LA Ironmen

Video Interview: Kyle Spicka – LA Ironmen

Dye released a video this morning featuring a recent interview with Kyle Spicka from the LA Ironmen, a pro paintball team. He is responding to questions recently sent to him via Twitter and Facebook social network services.
Cassidy Sanders

Interview with Cassidy Sanders

Pro Paintball caught up with Cassidy Sanders, arguably the best paintball videographer in the world. In this exclusive interview, Cassidy tells Pro Paintball about his background, influences, and news of a fresh series of paintball videos.

Videos: 2009 Paintball World Games

ProPaintball reader Nima Razavi came across some footage covering the World Games that took place in Taiwan this past July.  Our Paintball News from July included the round up coverage