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The team basically started together at the 2009 phoenix open, in late 2008 there was about 3 competitive teams left in Montana. Colt Roberts (X-factor) came to Montana for a clinic.

He then told us that we need to stop screwing around and get the dedicated players from the 3 teams and make a solid, nationally competitive team. By this time paintball took a huge hit nationally anyways so there was just a few players left in the entire state.

So the Idea of making one super team seemed like a no-brainer at the time.

In 2009 we had two average performances in the PSP. We played both phoenix and Chicago in Division 4 5 Man, ,making it to Sunday both times only to get knocked out in the very first round on Sunday. Later in the season we played NPPL Las Vegas in D4 5man.

By this time the team was playing together very well and we rolled through the tournament undefeated, securing Montana’s first national win. In 2010 the team hit a low point, We had been struggling to keep players together and to practice.

We had another average tournament at WCPPL Event 2 in d4 5man. Placing 7th out of 36 teams. We didn’t play much that year with just a few practices before NPPL Las Vegas 2010.

Even with that we managed to scrape together another Victory in Vegas, placing 1st in D3 5 man. In 2011 we got two new players from Wyoming, our goal was to win the intermediate series championship in the Vicious Series.

Early Season is always Rough with a 4th place finish at event 1. Event 2 we got rolling with a solid 1st place victory over air assault of Minnesota. Event 3 was a tight race against Air Assault for the series Title.

We placed 2nd behind and Air Assault finished a respectable 3rd. By this time we had tied in series points, so we had to play a best of 3 1v1s to secure the title. We beat Air Assault first 2 in a row and brought home the title.

We are Proudly Sponsored By B.L.A.S.T. Ninja Air, and Empire.

As with most people we did start in the woods, but as of right now we play only on tournament (airball) fields.

Late last year we had moved our practice field to the same location as a popular woodsball field, in an attempt to get our two fields working together and get more people interested in tournament paintball. This year we held several 3 man tournaments at this field.

Written By: Kris Liggett

Produced by: Danny Campbell

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