Iron City Classic Event Preview, Pro Paintball comes to Pittsburgh.

One of the best weekends of paintball is upon us! It’s almost time for the Iron City Classic and players from all over the country will be converging on Pittsburgh,

Regional Spotlight: Shake and Baked D4

Today we sit down with Shake and Baked D4 out of Texas to discuss the regional grind. Follow the link for more...

REVIEW: HK Army SLR Mask, is this the apex goggle?

We review the HK Army SLR Mask and look at the changes made from the very popular KLR Goggle. A special guest from Dynasty also gives his thoughts.

Regional Spotlight: BLAST Camp Semi-Pro

Continuing on our with our regional team spotlight series, we had the opportunity to sit down with BLAST Camp. Read on as we talk the 2021 season progress and

Divisional Spotlight: Chris Caputo of New Jersey Leverage

Chris Caputo is a rising star divisional player from New Jersey. His quick ascent up the ranks has led to attention from high level paintball teams around the East Coast.

Leaked Email: Is the NXL trying to squash Astra Invitational?

ProPaintball insiders report on the latest paintball power struggle. Read on.

Young Lions: The New AC: Dallas

We sit down with AC: Dallas to get the scoop on the rebuilding of the franchise, and player mindset

Coin Duel, the most exciting new game in paintball, with Alex Fraige.

Coin Duel is a fun and exciting game in which pro paintball athletes and amateurs play in a variety of challenges to earn coins and respect.

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Top Paintball Guns of 2021

Best Paintball Gun under $150:
Tippmann Stormer Paintball Marker Gun
Best Paintball Gun under $300:
Planet Eclipse EMEK 100
Best Paintball Gun under $500:
Empire Axe 2.0
Best Paintball Gun under $800:
Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R
Best Mechanical Paintball Gun:
Planet Eclipse EMEK
Best Paintball Gun money can buy:
DLX HK Army Luxe