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Understood's "UNOFFICIAL" Chicago Paintball Event Shirt

Understood Paintball proudly unveils the new paintball shirt inspired by the PSP Chicago Open.

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New Paintball Gear: HK Army Paintball Harness

This is a follow up to last weeks story about our trip to the PBFashion warehouse. While the HK guys were unloading several pallets of new paintball cleats, one of


Black Friday Paintball Deals

Black Friday is here and tons of paintball deals are available. Read on for the latest free paintball gear and discounts.


View from the Deadbox Paintball Tee Shirts

View from the Deadbox has unveiled their new paintball tee shirts just in time for the 2011 PSP World Cup.


ANGEL EYE Paintball Goggle to be (re)unveiled

According to ProPaintball Insiders, the long rumored Angel EYE Paintball Goggle will be making its way to fields in the very near future. Insiders report that the ANGEL EYE paintball


New Paintball Loader from GI Sports

A photo surfaced today with GI Sports sales team member Shawn McGovern in a conference room. At first glance the photo is pretty standard. However, upon closer inspection we were


New Paintball Gun: DLX Luxe 2.0

The new paintball gun from DLX Technology code name Luxe 2.0 has been unveiled. Check out the feature close-ups and video inside.


New Paintball Mask: Empire Vidar

Empire Paintball has unveiled a new paintball mask that is sure to excite the community. Known officially as the Empire Vidar, this new paintball mask appears to be an updated



Op-Ed: Grassroots – A Manual To The Paintball Industry

The following is an opinion piece written by Aleksey Kunyavsky Royt. Aleksey asks players to enjoy the game, stop bashing others, and support our local paintball stores. Sounds easy enough