NXL Field Size and NXL Layout

NXL Field Size and Layout

Intro to Pro Paintball Fields While the NXL field size will stay the same, the field layouts will change often. As a long-time enthusiast who's navigated from amateur fields to the
Paintball Age Limit

Paintball Age Limit: What You Need to Know

Diving into Paintball's Age Dynamics: An Introductory Guide Understanding the paintball age limit is essential for any enthusiast. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of paintball age limit, ensuring
paintball games - speedball

Paintball Games: A Variety of Fun

An Insider's Guide to Different Styles and Strategies As a seasoned paintball enthusiast, I've had the thrill of participating in various forms of paintball games. Each style offers its unique flavor,
airsoft vs paintball

Airsoft vs. Paintball

A Veteran's Insight into Two Thrilling Worlds Having been deeply immersed in both the realms of airsoft and paintball for many years, I've often encountered the debate of airsoft vs. paintball.
full auto paintball gun

Trigger Control & Tactics Mastery

Whether you're just starting in paintball or looking to sharpen your skills, understanding trigger control and tactics is key to dominating the field. Let's dive into the essentials of paintball
paintball rules

Rules in Paintball

Paintball Rules Decoded: Your Comprehensive Guide Understanding the rules in paintball is crucial for both safety and enjoyment. Whether it's speedball, woodsball, or capture the flag, each variation has specific guidelines.