Top 10 Best Paintball Guns

Top 10 Best Paintball Guns 2023: Beginner to Pro

**Updated September 2023** To get this out of the way right from the start… there is no one-size-fits-all as the best paintball gun. Everyone has different needs and, more importantly, vastly different budgets. With that said, we all share one … Read More

Virtue RF Module Released

virtuescript logoJust this past week Virtue Paintball has released their brand new line of hopper boards, most of which was of little suprise. What really caught our eye was the release of their RF module for the

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Smart Parts 2009 Impulse

Rumors of a new Smart Parts Impulse are spreading like wildfire. Word has it the marker was approximately 50 days out from the Mid Atlantic Open and will feature a knock-open poppet valve system. The marker is said to be … Read More

Smart Parts Impulse Review

The guys over at BuyPBL got their hands on one of the Smart Parts Impulse markers set to debut this week at the Chicago Open. PBL Chris takes a few minutes and breaks down the different features and what they … Read More

dynasty mike mccormick

Paintball Team Stickers x Paintballer187

We have received several requests for information about the Pro Paintball sticker packs. Specifically, many of you have inquired as to who is providing our awesome stickers and how you can make your own custom stickers. Its easier than you think. Read on for the details..

Last chance for Galveston Paintball T-shirts

In our PSP Galveston Friday Rumor Report we broke the news that Understood had sold out of their Galveston t-shirts in less than 4 hours. Understood’s front man John Battistini dropped ProPaintball a message letting us know that they are doing a second run of shirts for those of you who missed out.