paintball gun range

What is the Range of a Paintball Gun?

Intro to Paintball Gun Ranges Understanding the range of a paintball gun is as crucial as knowing your own strategy. The distance a paintball can travel influences your approach to the
Paintball gun rails

Paintball Gun Rail Types

Intro to Paintball Gun Rails In the dynamic world of paintball, the choice of rail system on your marker can be as crucial as the gun itself. For enthusiasts diving into
Paintball Gun Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Paintball Gun

Intro to Paintball Gun Maintenance Understanding how to maintain your paintball gun is crucial for anyone passionate about the sport. Regular upkeep not only ensures peak performance during play but also
airsoft amps

Airsoft Amps: What are they and When to Use Them

Intro to Airsoft Amps Airsoft amps are one of those game-changing accessories. Muzzle devices, including sound amplifiers, enhance the aesthetics of your Airsoft gun and offer tactical advantages that can alter

The Story of Slickguns: An Online Gun Forum

Intro to Slickguns Slickguns once stood as a beacon for gun enthusiasts, a go-to online hub for finding the best deals on firearms and accessories. Its comprehensive listings and community-driven spirit
Shocker Era Paintball - Shocker RSX

Shocker Era Paintball: Revolutionizing the Game

Introduction to Shocker Paintball: A Legacy of Innovation The Shocker paintball era, a name synonymous with revolutionizing the game. My journey in paintball has seen many markers, but few have left
what are paintballs made of

What are Paintballs Made Of?

Intro to Composition, Size, and Experience When diving into the adrenaline-fueled world of paintball, a question often arises: "What are paintballs?" This seemingly simple query opens the door to understanding a
Spyder Paintball Gun

Spyder Paintball Gun Company

A History of Spyder Paintball Guns and Gear When it comes to paintball, the Spyder paintball gun brand stands out as a seasoned veteran in an ever-evolving battlefield. Known for their

Paintball Gear

The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe on the Field Gear is the paintball armor that keeps you protected from the flying paintballs and from all the rolling around you'll be doing.