has got Jameall Thomas (AKA J Snipes) down for an interview. He is playing for Indianapolis Mutiny for the NPPL and St. Louis Hustle  for PSP.  We got to ask Jameall a few questions, and get a few answers. Who are you playing for right now?

Jameall Thomas: Indianapolis Mutiny How long have you been playing?

Jameall Thomas: 4 years Who was your first team?

Jameall Thomas: LA Distraction Besides your current team, which other two teams were your favorites playing on and why?

Jameall Thomas: The Bushwackers, because that changed me into a paintball player thanks to Ron Kilbourne. And also Aftermath practices, Mike Hinman made me a stronger player, if you can deal with Mike you can take over the world. Who do you think in the sport has influenced you the most?

Jameall Thomas: Influenced me the most is Alex Goldman, he always helped me and believed in me that I can make it. What are you thinking about, going into a big event like HB or World Cup?

Jameall Thomas: HB. I was thinking I made it finally lets not let the ones that believed down. How is it playing in Europe and Malaysia?

Jameall Thomas: A different world, if it wasn’t for Gary Baum it wouldn’t be possible. Where are your next couple of events at?

Jameall Thomas: Chicago, IL NPPL and PSP Which teams do you think will do well this season?

Jameall Thomas: Mutiny, Impact, Dynasty, and Damage Anybody you want to thank?

Jameall Thomas: Gary Baum for getting me started in this sport. Mike Hinman for being himself and pushing us young players to the best we can be and Tommy O’Donnell for believing in me and making a dream come true and giving me a chance when no one else wanted to.

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