Quinn Nadu

I've been playing paintball for more than 15 years. I have traveled all over the US to play in tournaments and scenario events. I focus on bringing exclusive interviews, product news, and breaking industry news to the readers. All posts and articles are opinion and rumor and should not be taken as fact.

NXL World Cup Pro Brackets are set!

The Pro Brackets for the NXL World Cup have been drawn and the four brackets look to feature an exciting mix of teams in each one. These brackets will be subject to much speculation over the next 8 weeks as we prepare for World Cup 2021. Read More

Astra Recap with Mike Hinman; Blast Camp Wins!

The Astra Invitational Event has concluded and Blast Camp is the winner! Players from all over the league are talking about how well the event was ran. The event featured both professional and semi-professional teams clashing for a chance to win $15,000.Read More