Sacramento XSV wins NPPL HB, Paintball Results

This weekend marked the 10th anniversary of the NPPL hosting the Huntington Beach Surf City Open. Teams from across the world flew in to celebrate, and compete at one of the best paintball event locations. Games began on Thursday and continued throughout the weekend. Players and fans were able to tune in to a free paintball webcast hosted inpart by Youtube and enjoy the action.

XSV Paintball win NPPL HB 2012

The results from the NPPL Surf City pro paintball event are in.

Friday Game Footage

Saturday Game Footage

Sunday Game Footage


Final standings from the NPPL Surf City 2012 paintball event:
Pro Paintball Division

  1. Sacramento XSV
  2. Tampa Bay Damage
  3. San Diego Dynasty
  4. DC Arsenal

Division 1 Paintball

  1. Texas Storm
  2. CP Raiders
  3. Impact Echo
  4. Dynasty 2

Division 2 Paintball

  1. Arsenal Kidz
  2. CP Raiders
  3. Max’d Kidz
  4. Wicked

Division 3 Paintball


  1. WC Grizzlies
  2. CenterMass Hawaii
  3. DC Onslaught
  4. Poison Ivy

7-man Traditional

  1. Good For Nothing
  2. Paintball Addix
  3. High Intensity
  4. Philly Notorious

Division 4 Paintball

  1. RIT Tigers Orange
  2. Mayhem
  3. RIT Tigers Black
  4. NXN

Pump Paintball Division

  1. HenchMen
  2. West Coast Sharks 2
  3. Ronin
  4. A.P.C.