PR: KEE Purchase of Smart Parts IP will not affect GOG

 PR: KEE Purchase of Smart Parts IP will not affect GOG

Last weeks news that KEE Action Sports had purchased the Smart Parts patent portfolio prompted rumors across the paintball industry that GOG Paintball, founded by Adam and Billy Gardner of Smart Parts fame, might be affected. We sent off emails to GOG Paintball inquiring as to what, if any, impact the KEE purchase had on their business and they offered the following statement.


GOG Paintball confirms that the recent purchase of intellectual properties by Kee Action Sports will not affect the production of GOG markers, barrels and accessories.

April 2, 2011 – As Internet rumors abound, GOG Paintball SA would like to confirm that the incredibly successful G-1, eNVy and soon to be released eXTCy markers, The Freak barrel system, and other GOG Paintball accessories, as well as future GOG Paintball products will remain in production, providing paintball players with solid performance at an affordable price.

The recent purchase of Smart Parts’ Intellectual Property portfolio by KEE will not have any adverse effect on GOG Paintball or its product line.  GOG will continue to provide its full line of barrels, markers and accessories under license, as it has been since GOG’s introduction last October.  GOG views this purchase as a good thing for the paintball industry and believes that KEE will be ideal stewards for this vast IP portfolio.

GOG Paintball is a manufacturer and developer of paintball equipment obsessed with a single focus – providing paintball players the best value possible for their investment in the sport.

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