NPPL Vegas Paintball Results – Aftershock Wins!

Pro Paintball Championships

Las Vegas, Nevada played host to the 2011 NPPL Series Championship. 7-man teams from across the United States flew in to compete against one in other for their series titles and bragging rights. After a long weekend of intense battles, pro paintball team Chicago Aftershock beat out San Diego Dynasty (2-1, Shock) for their first win of the 2011 paintball season. San Diego Dynasty, the runners up, won the 2011 series.

Below are the complete pro paintball and divisional paintball results from the 7-man league. Photographs will be uploaded in the next couple of days, stay tuned.

Pro Paintball division

  1. Chicago Aftershock – powered by Guerrilla Air
  2. Dynasty (2011 Series Champs) – powered by Guerrilla Air / Empire Paintball
  3. Arsenal
  4. Impact

Division 1 Paintball

  1. Dynasty 2
  2. Louisville Sluggers
  3. Impact Echo (NPPL 2011 Series Champions)
  4. Denver Fury

Division 2 Paintball

  1. Top Gun Evo (NPPL 2011 Series Champions)
  2. LSD Savage
  3. Vanguard Factory
  4. Rampage City Paintball

Division 3 Paintball

  1. Good 4 Nothing
  2. Blackout
  3. Mercenaries
  4. Paintball Addix

Division 4 Paintball (5-man)

  1. SAC Royals TOO
  2. Camp Pendleton Heat
  3. Armed Force Rage
  4. High Intensity

Pump Paintball Division

  1. Front Kick 2 the Stern
  2. LA Hitmen
  3. Total Grief (NPPL 2011 Series Champions)