New Paintball Guns, Gear & Rumors for World Cup

Pro Paintball insiders have been on the phone non stop digging for info on the new paintball gear launching next week. Here is what we have so far;

Dave Youngblood and the team at DYE are preparing to unveil the new DYE Tactical paintball line.

In addition, rumors are circulating that a new DYE NT2011 and DM11 are on the way. Sources suggest we will see an an addition to the NT11 line–with a body composed of something other than aluminum. Magnesium? Carbon? Composite? Will this be a repeat of the infamous DM-C? We’ll report more on the subject as more information becomes available.

Bob Long and the guys at BLAST are finishing up a Bob Long RIPPER Victory. Retail is expected at $1400.00.

SLY is introducing an S11 line of paintball goods. New paintball jerseys, pants, chest protectors, arm and knee pads and entirely redesigned luggage.

Planet Eclipse will have two limited edition ego colors. These will be ego 11’s with special color schemes exclusive to the 2010 World Cup.

Darryl Trent and DLX Technology will be at the CP Trailor debuting the Luxe 1.5.