Since his return to San Diego Dynasty, Ollie Lang has been relatively quiet in terms of private label paintball gear. Earlier in the season, Ollie mentioned that he and Dynasty would be focusing this year on dominating in the pro division. Now that the season has come to a close (and the Dynasty won both pro series in the United States), Ollie is preparing to introduce new paintball gear.

Pro Paintball Player Ollie Lang
Ollie Lang from San Diego Dynasty on the move

According to ProPaintball insiders, Planet Eclipse is preparing to release an Oliver Lang limited edition Ego 11 and Geo 2 paintball gun. A statement relased on Ollie’s facebook page confirms the rumors and suggests the new paintball gun will be ready for sale this December — just in time for the Christmas buying season. Price is yet not known, but something in the area of 1200$ to 1600$ is anticipated.

Oliver is not the only member of Dynasty to have his own limited edition Ego or Geo. Both Alex Fraige and Ryan Greenspan have their own limited edition markers. In addition Eclipse have also made some limited edition Team Dynasty Geos and Egos, and even a few CSL`s.

New Paintball Gun from Ollie Lang

New Paintball Gun from Ollie Lang
New Paintball Gun from Ollie Lang: EGO 11

Planet Eclipse have said that the final product may have some changes to what you can see in the image above.