New Paintball Gear: Limited DXS Vforce Grillz

Rumor has it that Draxxus is preparing to release a new DXS Vforce limited edition paintball goggle. The new paintball goggle appears to utilize custom artwork on the mask but not much is known beyond that. Draxxus has been working to revamp the companies image and product line. Earlier in the season we saw the release of the new Draxxus Paintball pants, new boxes for the Procaps line of paintballs and a complete website revamp. Rumors are stirring that the company is working on several new products to be released at the PSP World Cup 2011 tournament.

New Paintball Goggle from Draxxus

Admittedly the details and quality of this photo are on the low side. What do you think about the idea of limited edition DXS Grillz? What rumors have you heard about the new Draxxus product line?