Intro to the Best Paintball Gun 2022

When it comes to the best paintball gun of 2022, it’s a journey back to a year that was brimming with innovation and competition in the paintball world. As a long-time enthusiast, I’ve always looked forward to the annual rollout of new models, and 2022 did not disappoint. From groundbreaking technology to refined ergonomics, the best paintball markers of 2022 pushed the boundaries of what we thought possible. In this post, we’ll dive into the top paintball guns of 2022, exploring how they’ve reshaped the landscape and set new standards for performance and design.

Reflecting on my experiences last year, I can’t help but feel excited to revisit these game-changers and share insights on what made them stand out. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, understanding the evolution of the best paintball guns in 2022 offers valuable lessons for any paintball enthusiast. Let’s embark on this retrospective journey and uncover the gems that defined a year in paintball excellence.

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The Best Paintball Guns of 2022

1. The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro – A 2022 Standout

Unveiling the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

2022 witnessed the rise of several remarkable markers, but one that genuinely stood out for me was the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro. This marker isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to the pinnacle of paintball technology. Having been a fan of Planet Eclipse’s innovation for years, the CS2 Pro’s release was something I eagerly anticipated, especially following the success of its predecessor, the CS2.

Why the CS2 Pro Dominated in 2022

Advanced Features: The CS2 Pro came loaded with features that catered to the high demands of competitive play. Its improved air efficiency, and the smoother shot cycle made it a favorite in my games throughout 2022.
Ergonomic Design: Holding the CS2 Pro felt like an extension of my arm. The attention to ergonomics was evident, making it comfortable for long periods, which is crucial during intense tournaments.
Customization: What set the CS2 Pro apart was its level of customization. The ability to tweak and adjust various aspects of the marker meant it could be perfectly tailored to individual playing styles.

Popularity Among Teams and Players

Professional Endorsement: The CS2 Pro wasn’t just popular among amateurs; it was the go-to choice for several professional teams. Its reliability and performance under pressure made it a common sight in top-tier tournaments.
Widespread Adoption: Throughout 2022, I noticed a growing number of players switching to the CS2 Pro. Its blend of performance, comfort, and reliability resonated with players aiming for excellence in their game.

Legacy and Impact

A Worthy Successor: Coming after the CS2, the CS2 Pro had big shoes to fill, and it did so admirably. It took what made the CS2 great and refined it, making its mark as one of the best paintball guns of 2022.
Setting Industry Standards: The release of the CS2 Pro in 2022 set new benchmarks in marker technology. It influenced subsequent designs and set a standard that other manufacturers aspired to match.


Reflecting on the best paintball markers of 2022, the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro undoubtedly earns its place at the top. For me, it wasn’t just about the games it helped win or the shots it fired; it was about how it elevated the sport itself. The CS2 Pro stands as a hallmark of innovation and a symbol of what the best paintball guns 2022 offered – precision, performance, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

2. The Dye M3+ – A Champion Marker of 2022

Introducing the Dye M3+

The year 2022 in the paintball arena was marked by some phenomenal advancements, and the Dye M3+ was at the forefront. Following the legacy of Dye’s M-series, the M3+ emerged as a game-changer. As someone who has always admired Dye’s commitment to excellence, the M3+’s launch was a highlight of the year. The M3+ not only stood on the strong foundation of its predecessors but also brought its unique innovations to the table.

Distinguishing Features of the M3+

Technological Advancements: The M3+ came loaded with cutting-edge technology, offering a level of precision and control that was a delight in competitive settings. Its meticulous engineering catered to the subtle nuances of high-level play.
Ergonomics and Comfort: Handling the M3+ was an experience in itself. The marker’s ergonomic design provided exceptional comfort, reducing fatigue in long matches – a feature that greatly benefited me during intense tournament play.
Customizability and User Experience: With its advanced interface and customizable settings, the M3+ allowed players like me to tailor the marker to our specific playing styles, making it a highly versatile tool on the field.

Recognition and Usage in Competitive Circles

Pro Player’s Choice: The M3+ quickly became a favorite among professional players and top teams. Its reliability in high-pressure scenarios made it a staple in many tournament settings.
Growing Popularity: As 2022 progressed, the M3+’s popularity soared among both amateur and professional players. It was a testament to its all-around capabilities and the trust players placed in it.

Legacy and Reception

A Milestone in Dye’s M-series: The M3+ wasn’t just another addition to the M-series; it was a leap forward. It honored the series’ legacy while carving its unique niche as one of the best paintball guns of 2022.
Influencing the Market: The M3+ set new standards in marker technology, influencing design trends and expectations within the paintball community.


Reflecting on the best paintball markers of 2022, the Dye M3+ stands out as a testament to what innovation and player-focused design can achieve. My experiences with the M3+ were not just about the precision or the wins; they were about experiencing a marker that pushed the boundaries of what we expect from top paintball guns. The M3+ symbolized the pinnacle of the best paintball guns 2022 had to offer, merging technological excellence with unmatched user experience.

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3. The Luxe X – A 2022 Paintball Phenomenon

Introduction to the Luxe X

In the landscape of 2022’s paintball markers, the Luxe X by DLX Technology stands out as a beacon of innovation. Having experienced a range of markers over the years, the Luxe X’s release was a momentous occasion for me and many in the paintball community. It epitomized the blend of high-end performance and user-centric design, setting a new benchmark for what the best paintball guns of 2022 could offer.

Key Attributes of the Luxe X

User-Friendly Interface: One of the most striking features of the Luxe X is its intuitive design. The OLED board and easy navigation made setting adjustments seamless, a boon during fast-paced games.
Remarkable Efficiency: The Luxe X’s air efficiency was a game-changer. More shots per tank meant longer playtime without the hassle of frequent refills, which was a significant advantage in tournament scenarios.
Performance and Precision: Despite its focus on user experience, the Luxe X did not compromise on performance. Its accuracy and consistency made every shot count, something that significantly enhanced my gameplay.

Luxe X in the Competitive Arena

Choice of the Pros: The Luxe X quickly became a favorite among professional players for its reliability under pressure and its adaptability to various play styles.
Widespread Adoption: Across 2022, I noticed an increasing number of players, both amateurs and pros, turning to the Luxe X. Its blend of efficiency, ease of use, and performance resonated well within the paintball community.

Luxe X’s Legacy and Industry Impact

A New Era for Luxe Markers: The Luxe X wasn’t just an upgrade; it was a revolution in the Luxe line. It enhanced the series’ legacy by integrating advanced technology with a player-friendly approach.
Influencing Future Designs: The Luxe X’s launch in 2022 set new standards in marker technology and influenced subsequent design philosophies, further cementing its place as one of the top paintball guns of 2022.


Looking back at the best paintball guns of 2022, the Luxe X by DLX Technology undoubtedly claims its spot at the top. My personal experience with the Luxe X was more than just about the games I played; it was about how it revolutionized my approach to the sport. The Luxe X stands as a testament to what the best paintball markers of 2022 were all about – innovation, efficiency, and an exceptional user experience. Read our full review of the DLX Luxe X

4. The Empire Axe 2.0

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker – Dust Black
  • Shockwave board offers multiple adjustable firing modes (Semi, Ramp, Burst, Full Auto)
  • Relay venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever
  • Push button bolt removal system for tool-less engine maintenance
  • Lightweight and accurate Driver XX two-piece barrel
  • 10% Weight savings over previous the generation Axe

Introduction to the Empire Axe 2.0

Among the standout paintball markers of 2022, the Empire Axe 2.0 holds a special place. As someone who has traversed the evolution of paintball guns, witnessing the rise of the Empire Axe 2.0 was a thrilling experience. This marker wasn’t just another addition to the Empire lineup; it was a statement of efficiency and reliability, making it a strong contender in the race for the best paintball gun of 2022.

Defining Features of the Empire Axe 2.0

Balanced Performance: The Axe 2.0 is renowned for its perfect balance between performance and usability. It’s a marker that caters to both seasoned players and newcomers, a versatility I found highly appealing.
Enhanced Ergonomics: Comfort was a key focus in its design. The Axe 2.0’s ergonomics made it a joy to use, especially during lengthy sessions, reducing fatigue and improving my overall gameplay.
Reliability and Maintenance: One of the Axe 2.0’s strongest suits is its reliability. Its easy maintenance and consistent performance under various conditions made it a go-to marker in 2022.

The Empire Axe 2.0 in Competitive Play

Adaptability in the Field: Its adaptability made the Axe 2.0 popular in competitive circles. Whether it was speedball or woodsball, the Axe 2.0 proved to be a versatile tool for various play styles.
Growing Preference Among Players: Throughout 2022, I saw a noticeable shift in player preference towards the Axe 2.0. Its combination of performance, comfort, and reliability resonated well with a wide range of players.

The Lasting Impact of the Axe 2.0

Setting New Standards: The Empire Axe 2.0 raised the bar for mid-range paintball guns. Its impact was not just in its features but in setting new expectations for what the best paintball guns of 2022 should offer.
Influencing Future Designs: The success of the Axe 2.0 in 2022 has undoubtedly influenced the design and functionality of subsequent markers, securing its legacy in the paintball world.


Reflecting on the best paintball guns of 2022, the Empire Axe 2.0 stands out as a marker that redefined mid-range paintball guns. It combined performance, ergonomics, and reliability in a package that appealed to a wide spectrum of players. For me, the Axe 2.0 was more than just a marker; it was a testament to the balance between quality and accessibility, making it a pivotal model in the best paintball guns of 2022. Read our full review of the Empire Axe 2.0.

5. The Tippmann TMC MAGFED – A 2022 Tactical Masterpiece

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker – Black/Tan
  • Tippmann’s latest MagFed Extremely Authentic ARStyled Tactical Carbine Marker
  • Dual feed option: Go MagFed or Traditional Loader
  • Full pneumatic marker
  • Proven high performing in-line bolt system
  • Military style shroud with built-in 4 sided picatinny rails

Introduction to the Tippmann TMC MAGFED

In the realm of tactical paintball markers for 2022, the Tippmann TMC MAGFED undoubtedly carved out its niche. As someone passionate about the tactical aspect of paintball, the arrival of the TMC MAGFED was particularly exciting. It wasn’t just another marker; it was a symbol of tactical realism and versatility, making a significant impact in the quest for the best paintball gun of 2022.

Standout Features of the Tippmann TMC MAGFED

Authentic MilSim Experience: The TMC MAGFED brought a realistic military simulation experience to the field. Its design mimics real firearms, which greatly enhanced the immersive aspect of my tactical play.
Flexibility in Loading: Offering both mag-fed and hopper-fed options, the TMC MAGFED provided unparalleled flexibility. This adaptability was a game-changer in various playing scenarios, allowing for a dynamic play style.
Durability and Reliability: True to Tippmann’s reputation, the TMC MAGFED was built tough. Its durability in rugged play conditions and consistent performance made it a reliable choice throughout the year.

The TMC MAGFED in Tactical Play

Preferred Choice for Tactical Enthusiasts: Its authentic design and operational flexibility made the TMC MAGFED a favorite among tactical paintball enthusiasts. It catered perfectly to players who seek a more realistic and strategic form of paintball.
Increasing Popularity in Magfed Games: 2022 saw a rise in mag-fed paintball games, and the TMC MAGFED was at the forefront. Its functionality and realism added depth to the tactical play experience.

Legacy of the Tippmann TMC MAGFED

Redefining Tactical Paintball: The TMC MAGFED set new standards for tactical paintball markers in 2022. Its impact was significant in promoting MilSim aspects within the sport.
Influencing Future Tactical Designs: The popularity and success of the TMC MAGFED in 2022 have undoubtedly influenced the design of future tactical markers, paving the way for more innovative and realistic designs.


Looking back at the best paintball guns of 2022, the Tippmann TMC MAGFED stands out as a cornerstone in tactical paintball. It blended realism, versatility, and performance, appealing to a growing segment of tactical enthusiasts. For me, the TMC MAGFED was more than a marker; it was a tool that transformed the tactical paintball experience, solidifying its place as a top contender in the best paintball guns of 2022. Read our full review of the Tippmann TMC

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