Pro Paintball dot Com Reviews the DLX Luxe

aftermathTeams across Southern California have been worked into a frenzy as they rush to sell off their paintball guns and upgrade to new Luxe markers. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with pro team owner Mike Hinman of San Diego Aftermath, a LUXE factory team. Mike mentioned that the reasons for teams upgrading to the LUXE were really a “no brainer”; noting that the Luxe features ball on ball accuracy, tool-less field stripping, and magnetic eyes, all of which are features that truly make the difference. Mike let us test drive a brand new Luxe so that we could experience the future of paintball guns for ourselves. Watch as we un-box a brand new Luxe, field strip the gun, rebuild it, and then shoot a hopper of paintballs through it.

Special thanks to Mike Hinman, Ethan Sillars and the rest of San Diego Aftermath for making this video review possible.


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