Paintball pods, also known as tubes or guppy pods, are the equipment that holds your paintball supply, otherwise known as ammo, during a paintball game. Paintball pods are made from sturdy plastic, and most have a spring-loaded lid, which helps you have easy access to paintballs in a match. Investing in top-notch paintball pods is one of the necessary things you should do if you are looking to improve your game because having the right paintball gear makes all the difference in a game.

There are many paintball pods on the market nowadays, so it can be challenging to decide which paintball pod to purchase. To make it easy for you, we have reviewed the top paintball pods in the paintball industry and included a buying guide to help guide you while shopping for paintball pods.

1. Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods

Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods

Maddog paintball pods are a top pick because they have a high-quality package that features six pods with a carrying capacity of 150 each. Although they are new in the game, they are a favorite to most players because of their durable polypropene composition. The selling thing about these best paintball pods is their indented thumb tab and raised bones grip.

The Maddog paintballs have a unique design that allows a player to load their hopper without looking, and they can make their reloads quicker than with other paintball pods in the industry. You can perform excellently in a paintball game because these pods can endure harsh conditions and thus giving you prowess. Besides, it is a spring-loaded lid, and therefore the top cannot open by mistake and fit well in all standard paintball harnesses.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect pods for experienced players
  • It has a spring-loaded lid.
  • It does not allow no-look reloads
  • A carrying capacity of 150 paintballs
  • Made of high-quality polypropene composition
  • It has an intended thumb with a raised bone grip.
  • The package is a 6-pod.
  • It fits all standard harnesses.
  • Affordable price


  • Some lids are defective and could use some improvement.


2. Dye Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods

Dye Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods - 6 Pack

Dye Alpha brand can’t miss in the list for the best paintball pods on this list. The paintball tubes are very durable and made of high-quality polypropylene material. The pods can accommodate up to 150 round paintball pods inside one pod when arranged appropriately.

However, these dye paintball pods don’t come with collars, and you need to buy an adapter piece that helps keep the lid pods closed. With the additional adapters, the paintballs fall out, and this assures you have a secure, tight snap lid that is not there in other paintball pods.

These round paintball pods dye have a thumb tab with a little raised lip usually used to open the dye paintball lock lids. These round pods have a minimalistic feeling while holding 150 paintballs, and they change how you carry your ammunition on the field without losing any. These high-capacity pods are available in different colors, including Baby blue, olive lime, and smokey red.


  • Available in various colors
  • The look is appealing because of the attractive finish.
  • It has a dye lock lid and, therefore, can hold more paintballs.
  • It can hold 150 pods.
  • The design is innovative.
  • It is made of good quality.
  • They have a firm grip.


  • The pods don’t have a collar, so you need to buy a separate adapter.


3. Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid

Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods

The Virtue locking lid paintball pods are one of the best paintball pods on the market if you are looking to lighten your load to maximize efficiency on the battlefield because they measure two inches smaller than other paintball pods in the industry. The pods come with an intuitive press flick mechanism used for unlocking the pods, quickly reloading the pods during the game, and a locking lid design that minimizes the amount of paint spillage, a problem with most paintball pods.

The Virtue pods come in two different sizes; one has a storage capacity of 135 pods, while the other can store 165 pods. Even with the high paint-ball capacity, they are still smaller than most high-capacity paintball pods in the industry. Besides, these pods Virtue brand comes in several colors for you to choose from, including red, black, clear, and green.

These pods are exceptionally durable because they have been made with robust materials, and thus they are usable over a long period, even in a harsh environment.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It has an increased paint capacity.
  • Lightweight and therefore a light load for your paintball harness
  • Minimizes any paint spillage
  • It has an easy and intuitive lock lid design.
  • Very durable even after multiple uses


  • The price is a bit high.


4. Tippmann Paintball Heavy Duty 140 Round Guppy Pods

Tippmann Paintball Heavy Duty 140 Round Guppy Pods, Clear, Pack of 4

The Tippmann round paintball pods are the latest pods by the Tippmann brand that are a great option. They are convenient to use with a carrying capacity of 140 round paintballs with a secure flip-top lid that keeps the players’ contents in place when they are moving or when they need to reload. The lightweight pods are available in only a transparent color and hold up well against rigorous play.

These best paintball pods have a secure snap lid, but the top is not useful when you need to open and close. Tippmann’s best paintball pods can easily be opened and quickly closed to remain fixed when you close it tightly. Each paintball pod pack includes four individual tubes made of good plastic material but should be handled with care to prevent any breakage because they are not that durable.


  • Tippmann paintball pod is easy to load because it has a flip-top lid that securely closes.
  • The heavy-duty pods have a storage capacity of 140 paintballs.
  • Available in one color
  • A budget-friendly paintball pod
  • Lightweight even though it is a heavy-duty pod as it weighs around 363 grams
  • It fits in all standard paintball harnesses.


  • The build materials are average.
  • Needs proper maintenance
  • It does not include any battery.


5. HK Army HSTL Paintball Pods

HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pods 6 Pack - Blue

HK Army is a six-pack with 150 round pods, each giving you great value for your money and are reliable and easy to use. The pods have an innovative design, and to top it all, the design of their lids is advanced, making them competitive. The HK Army flip lids use a spring-loading mechanism to quickly open or load the pods, making them quite effective when you use them in the game.

Additionally, the lids have an enlarged thumb groove contour that allows you to quickly grab your pods while at the same time keeping an eye on your opponents. This is a unique feature with these pods as it is not found in other paintball pods. HK Army comes in various colors, the most vibrant colors, and they fit well in most harnesses. However, the thing is, it does not include a secure latch system, which could be a handy feature in the pods.


  • HK army pods hold the paint well.
  • They fit well in most standard harnesses.
  • Features an advanced spring-loaded flip-top lid
  • Enlarged thumb groove
  • It is available in vibrant colors.
  • They have an innovative design.
  • It comes in 6 tubes.


  • HK Army pods spill contents when a player is using some harnesses.


What to Consider when Purchasing the Best Paintball Pods

1. Ammo Capacity

The carrying capacity is one of the most important things to consider when buying your paintball pods, whether you are a beginner or a pro in the game. If you want to win a game against your friends, having a large stock of ammunition is necessary to avoid being unable to fire in the middle of the game. Always ensure you have enough rounds within easy reach to be ready to put you back in the game.

Most paintball pods have approximately 140 paintballs, which is enough for an average game or a beginner. However, experienced players go for pods with a higher carrying capacity to be able to fire longer. Most high capacity pods range between 160 pods and even higher of 200 pods. Paintball pods with low carrying capacities are intended for other types of paintball weapons with small paintballing sidearms like pistols.

2. Easy Access to Ammo

Speed is a crucial factor to determine if you will lose or win your paintball game. To succeed in your paintball game, you should be an efficient paintball player, and being one of the best players translates to load your hopper quickly. To ensure this happens, get a paintball pod with an easy-open lid, high-quality, and a user-friendly lid design.

This helps you to easily open the pod and reload the marker while in the game. However, try to avoid a paintball pod that opens too quickly as it can result in you losing your ammo and thus lose the game. Make sure you check the reliability and quality of the lid before you make your paintball pod choice.

3. Durability/ Robustness

This is another critical factor to consider when buying the best paintball pods in the industry. Due to the nature of the paintball game, your paintball pod should be durable enough to hold up against any impact or scrapes. Paintball pods are mostly made of plastic, which can easily break if not handled safely or adequately mounted on paintball harnesses or ammunition belts.

The best paintball pods are made from better quality plastics and thus are more durable, but they are relatively expensive. Despite the cost, they are the best choice because you don’t have to worry that they will easily break and hold up the game better. It is advisable to invest in more expensive paintball pods if you are a player who values performance because they are made of durable plastic materials. They hold better during vigorous physical activities.

4. Affordability/ Price

The paintball pods get easily lost or broken when it comes to all the paintball gear but, at the same time, are the cheapest. If you or on a budget, purchase the cheap paintball pods but keep in mind that they could easily break.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it essential for a paintball player to use a paintball pod?

Paintball pods help to keep your marker in place when firing against your opponent in the field. It is vital to invest in high-quality paintball pods because they ensure that you are well supplied with paint to keep you on the road to winning during the game.

2. How do you fill the best paintball pods?

The easiest way to fill your pod from your bag of paint is to insert the pod into the paint bag and finish up by wrapping the bag around the pod’s mouth, which guarantees you don’t spill any paint when filling your pod. To fill paintball pods, you should ensure no space in the pod will cause the pod to shake and give away your spot on the battlefield. To avoid this from happening, fill the paintball pellets to the top and lightly shake while the cap is locked down. Continue to add paintballs until it stops shaking but always make sure it is clean before adding them so you don’t ruin the paint.

3. How do you put on a paintball pod pack and harness?

The best paintball pods should fall out the bottom of the pod pack, and this means that the strap should be pointing towards your legs, and you should wear the load on your hips. It might cause trouble breathing when you wear it higher than that.