Paintball Team USA Roster & Jerseys [2017]

Anthrax Paintball has unveiled the 2017 TEAM USA Paintball Roster. Team USA will be competing in London, UK on June 30th through July 2nd, 2017. This years roster is an incredible line up and includes some of the best paintball players in the United States pro division. Featured this year includes: Tim Montressor/li> Damian Ryan/li> […]Read More

San Diego Aftermath is BACK!

It’s official folks: San Diego Aftermath is back on the block! For those of you living under a rock, SDA has been a dominant force in the paintball world since the teams inception in late 2004. The team is built on a solid foundation of hard work and team work and this effort has shown […]Read More

New Paintball Video Game: XField Paintball 3

XField Paintball 3 has officially launched on STEAM. The studio, based out of Toulouse, France, is picking up where Digital Paintball left off. They have built out a full first-person shooter paintball game. Players will face off in 5 vs 5 matches and need to leverage tactics and each other in order to win. The […]Read More

Paintball Phots from NXL Dallas x 1904

Phillip “Stretch” Baker has unveiled an epic photo gallery from NXL Dallas 2016. Stretch has an amazing eye for the action and we recommend you take a peek. Full paintball event photography is available at More

NXL Dallas Pro Paintball Matchs [ VIDEO ]

GoSports has released paintball game footage from the recent NXL Dallas Open. Check out matches from AC Dallas against LA Infamous and watch Russian Legion square off against Edmonton Impact. [youtube][/youtube]Read More

Congrats to Cassidy Sanders, Youtube 100k Award

Paintball videographer Cassidy Sanders has achieved a major milestone. Youtube has awarded him the 100k Subscriber award. Congrats dude!   Cassidy has been uploading epic paintball videos to the HK Army channel. If you have not had a chance to check it out – make sure you do. [youtube][/youtube]Read More

Rumor: Marcello Margott on the move

Rumor alert: Marcello Margott, the 2nd highest rated pro paintball player in 2014, is said to be leaving the Los Angeles Ironmen. Marcello has been both a feature pro player for the Ironmen as well as the poster boy for DYE Paintball. News of his departure will surely send waves through the paintball community. Earlier […]Read More

Paintball Rumor: NXL to buy the PSP

According to Pro Paintball insiders the unthinkable has happened. Only days ago we broke the news that a group of former pro players, team owners, and titans of industry had formed to launch a new paintball league known as the NXL. Few would have speculated that this group would only days later be purchasing the […]Read More

CXBL names Bob Long Paintball League Commissioner

The Canadian Xtreme Paintball League has made a major addition to the series. According to a press release we have received, pro paintball legend and industry manufacture Bob Long has become league commissioner. The CXBL would like to welcome Mr. Bob Long to the CXBL family as the League Commissioner effective immediately. Mr. Long will […]Read More

National X-ball League – Inside Scoop

We have received tons of questions about the recently announced National X-Ball League. People who have contacted us are looking for an inside scoop as they attempt to plan their seasons out and debate between which series to put their money behind. Below we have consolidated the information we have in an attempt to keep […]Read More

NXL Pro Paintball Team List released

The first 10 pro paintball teams have signed up to compete in the National X-ball League. This is a key milestone as this provides a starting point for the teams to vote on the many decisions that will impact the 2015 season including match style, rate of fire and coaching. NXL Official Statement: It is […]Read More

National Xball League (NXL) – Official Details

Paintball just got a heck of alot more interesting. Only yesterday insiders broke the silence and shared inside information about the new national xball league that was in the works. Today, its official. Allow us to reintroduce you to the National Xball League (NXL).Read More

Dave “Youngblood” DeHahn steps down from CEO of PSP

On the heels of the PSP 2015 season opener and rumors of a new professional paintball league (update: NXL official press release), word comes that change is underway in the PSP. Former professional player and DYE/PSP/PBA business owner Dave Youngblood is said to be stepping down. Read on for additional details and official statement.Read More

RUMOR: New Pro Paintball League in the works

Sources have informed us that a new professional paintball league will be announced in the very near future. According to sources, several major players have aligned themselves together after recent moves by the PSP during the 2014 off season. This move should come as no surprise to those following or competing in competitive paintball. Numerous […]Read More

Infamous wins PSP Dallas 2015

Pro Paintball team Los Angeles Infamous wins the 2015 PSP Dallas season opener. After several hard fought days playing in the Texas mud, Empire Paintball’s flagship professional team took the gold. Read on for notes from the final match and official results from the event.Read More