B I G – A LARGER Documentary

"For far too long, the sport of paintball has been centered around the smaller player." This upcoming documentary focuses on the larger paintballers. Check out the official trailer and get all the info for B I GRead More

New Product from Ninja Paintball?

Ninja is releasing another new, limited edition product... but we were not given a lot of information on it. Check out what we did received and give us your thoughts on what it is!Read More

Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader

You may remember back in March, during the 2011 PSP season opener in Texas, when a new Empire Paintball loader was spotted in use by some of the Pro paintball teams like San Diego Dynasty and Los Angeles Infamous. We said we would pass along more info as it became available.... well, here it is!Read More

[UPDATED] Lurker Scoreboard Software

Face it, a lot of fields are not equipped with their own electronic scoreboards, or if they do, they are only used during tournaments. So how many times have you ran matches with a stopwatch and kept score with pencil and paper? Lurker Paintball Products solves this problem with their Xball Software. Available for your […]Read More