You may remember back in March, during the 2011 PSP season opener in Texas, when a new Empire Paintball loader was spotted in use by some of the Pro paintball teams like San Diego Dynasty and Los Angeles Infamous. We said we would pass along more info as it became available…. well, here it is!

The Mid Atlantic Paintball league has unveiled a list of 2012 prizes. Do you and your team want to win paintball guns and gear? Check out the latest.

Back in February we were hearing a lot of rumors suggesting that the PSP MAO event would not be held at PBC in Rock Hill, SC. Most suggestions pointed to OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD. Today, we got word via the Smack Box of a different location.

ProPaintball team Tampa Bay Damage unveils the Damage NT-11 paintball gun.

Ninja Paintball, a leader at providing quality air systems and accessories manufactured in the USA, has released an important safety advisory regarding the use of ALL compressed air cylinders.

Check out a video about the growth and history of paintball in the United Arab Emirates. Read on for more info on paintball in the Middle East.

Caught cheating and banned for ten years, paintball’s first superstar, Bobby Dukes is back to prove himself on the field that made him famous.

The Mid-Atlantic Paintball League gives us a heads-up that all the info on the 2012 season will be released tomorrow during half-time of the BIG GAME!

Check out the video of CXBL 2011 Eastern Event 4 at Cowboy Paintball. Watch the Eastern teams grind it out for the right to go home with some hardware & compete in the Richmond Cup.

Grind Online Paintball Magazine presents the first Volume of its “Grindcast.” In this Volume, Drew Templeton and Nick Slowiak from Chicago Aftershock talk about their the first events of the season; PSP Texas, NPPL Huntington Beach and NPPL Chicago.