GEO 3 Paintball Gun

A photo surfaced today which appears to be the GEO 3 Paintball Gun. In typical Planet Eclipse style, the company has yet to publicly mention that a GEO 3 paintball gun project was underway. Can’t say we blame them, as it would kill the sales of current GEO paintball guns. This photo did not come from official sources and may or may not resemble the production model.

Geo 3 Paintball Gun
Geo 3 Paintball Gun

Is this the GEO 3 Paintball Gun? What feature are you most looking forward to?


  1. Rick says:

    So, It’s basically a Geo 2 with the Ego style grips and different eye covers..? Really, that is freaking lame.

  2. chris says:

    Trying to “squat” the gun, making it overall height lower at the cost of a funky step for the electronics seems a bad choice, hitting that weird step with your pointer finger while walking the trigger is the first thing i see happening…. sure sure everyone only uses 1 finger to ramp….oh wait not everyone ramps…..

  3. Jack says:

    Guys its not a duece trigger. If you can zoom in far enough you can see that its just the empire sign under it making it look like a duece trigger

  4. iondude says:

    It’s so ugly, sack the designer! PE should start making gas-thru by now, hoses and all that bs are a thing of the past.

    • chuck says:

      they don’t do internal air lines to make teching the guns faster and easier to do and trouble shoot for techs and customers. if you have any talent at all a hose shouldn’t ever be an issue. If it aint broke don’t fix it

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