Procaps & GI Sports CEO Richmond Italia was recently interviewed by BuyPBL’s GabFest. This great interview is jam packed with tons of relevant information and perspective on running the largest company in paintball.

Following on the heels of yesterdays announcement that Richmond Italia was getting back into paintball, we received several comments and emails suggesting that he would not be acting alone in revolutionizing the sport.  We have just learned that Richmond’s new … Read More

We have just received word that BuyPBL will be the exclusive Canadian distributor of GI Sportz paintball guns, goggles, and paintballs. Read on for a few words from Richmond Italia, GI Sportz President.

Rumor on the street has it that Richmond Italia is back in the mix and is spearheading a major effort to revolutionize paintball. Credible sources have indicated that Richmond is preparing to launch “Paintball 2.0” and that BIG things are … Read More