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Ask Dynasty's Coach Mike Hinman

This is your opportunity to pick Mike's brain. Feel free to ask him your questions relating to game of paintball. One question per post please. ProPaintball moderators will send the best questions to Hinman and we will post his answers as soon as he gets them back to us.Read More

WCPPL Event #1 Sample Gallery and Results

WCPPL Event #1 Results – Open RaceTo-X FAST FIVE Los Angeles Collision PaintballGateway.com Golden State Knights Division 3 RaceTo-4 Nor Cal Fuzion 707 IE Unseen So Cal G.R.I.N.D. Mercenary Division 4 RaceTo-3 Capital Edge DMG Brown GnarKill Black Addix Paintball Black GOGO13 FULL SCORES CAN BE FOUND HERE Tomorrow morning PROpaintball.com will feature an interview […]Read More

National Xball League (NXL) – Official Details

Paintball just got a heck of alot more interesting. Only yesterday ProPaintball.com insiders broke the silence and shared inside information about the new national xball league that was in the works. Today, its official. Allow us to reintroduce you to the National Xball League (NXL).Read More

WCPPL Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary- 5 Questions With Mike Hinman

WCPPL Event #1 went down last weekend at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park in sunny SoCal.  We posted up an article yesterday with the results and a sample gallery from Stretch at 1904 Photography. To keep the hype up on celebrating the WCPPL’s 5th season, PROpaintball.com has 5 questions for league owner Mike Hinman. PROpb: Let’s […]Read More

2012 WCPPL Paintball News Update

2012 will mark the 4th season of the WCPPL and from the sounds of the announcement, Jessica and Mike Hinman continue to raise the bar. Here is a news alert sent out updating players and teams on the latest paintball league news.Read More

WCPPL Paintball Field Layout: Event 1

ProPaintball is proud to unveil the new paintball field layouts for the West Coast Paintball Players League. Event 1 for the WCPPL takes place on February 25th and 26th! Be sure to print these layouts out and setup your local field.Read More

WCPPL 2013 Paintball League Schedule

Mike Hinman of the West Coast Paintball Players League has unveiled the schedule for 2013. During the 2013 WCPPL season the league will host four events split between Southern California and Las Vegas, NV. WCPPL 2013 Paintball Event Schedule Event 1 – March 30-31 in Southern California at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park. Event 2 – […]Read More

FeatureThis: NPPL Huntington Beach 2011

ProPaintball is proud to announce that FeatureThis Paintball magazine is back for 2011. Matt Dawson, creator of the FeatureThisPB universe, has been slaving away for several weeks to bring you his latest issue, FeatureThis: NPPL Huntington Beach 2011. This issue takes a look back at the last 9 years of NPPL HB events, as well […]Read More

RUMOR: New Pro Paintball League in the works

Sources have informed us that a new professional paintball league will be announced in the very near future. According to sources, several major players have aligned themselves together after recent moves by the PSP during the 2014 off season. This move should come as no surprise to those following or competing in competitive paintball. Numerous […]Read More

Mike Hinman answers your pro paintball questions

A few weeks back you asked Mike Hinman several questions including what it is like to lead the winningest team in paintball, steps to run a successful paintball team, NPPL, PSP and the WCPPL, coaching your team to victory, as well as the inside scoop as to what happened to San Diego Aftermath. Hinman, the coach of pro paintball team San Diego Dynasty, has answered your questions. Read More

San Diego AfterMath Returns to the ‘Game

This is Ron Burgundy, proudly reporting once again for PROpaintball.com. Today’s story is one of the more remarkable things ever to happen to San Diago or even the world. AFTERMATH is back! San Diego Aftermath announced through Pbnation their intent to return to the game, prompting hundreds of adoring fans to gather in interlocked circles […]Read More

WCPPL Event 1 Day 1

S.C. Village & the Aftermath Arenas are currently hosting the first event of the West Coast Paintball Players League. Mike & Jessica Hinman and the WCPPL are doing a great job keeping the event running smooth and on time. The event is halfway through, with most of the preliminary rounds finished. Division 2 teams will […]Read More