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Finding Precision: The Quest for the Most Accurate Paintball Gun

I’ve seen firsthand how the most accurate paintball gun can turn the tide of a game. Precision in paintball isn’t just about hitting your target. It’s about gaining a tactical advantage, enhancing strategy, and ultimately, amplifying the fun. This post delves into the intricacies of finding not just a reliable marker, but the most accurate paintball marker to elevate your game.

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We’ll explore various factors that contribute to a gun’s accuracy, from the best paintball barrel for accuracy to the design and ergonomics of the marker itself.

Additionally, we’ll examine how the quality of paintballs, air efficiency, and custom optimizations play a crucial role. Whether you’re sniping from a distance or engaging in close-quarter battles, understanding these elements is key.

We’ll also discuss how the type of play influences your choice and how price correlates with quality among different brands. Prepare to dive into the world of accurate paintball markers, where precision meets passion.

Top 3 Most Accurate Paintball Guns

1. Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro: Precision Personified


The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro stands at the pinnacle of paintball accuracy, a marker that I’ve seen outperform others consistently on the field. It’s the embodiment of advanced technology and design finesse, crafted for those who prioritize precision in every aspect of their game.

Features Contributing to Accuracy

Advanced Barrel System: The CS2 Pro comes with a precision-engineered barrel system that ensures consistent paintball flight and pinpoint accuracy.
Bespoke Valve and Bolt Mechanism: The marker’s unique valve and bolt design provide a smooth shot cycle and reduced recoil, contributing to its incredible accuracy.
Ergonomic Design: With its comfortable grip and balanced weight, the CS2 Pro enhances stability and control, allowing for more accurate shots.

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2. Dye M3+: Engineering for the Elite

Precision Engineering

The Dye M3+ is a marvel of precision engineering, designed for players who demand excellence in every shot. Its meticulous construction and attention to detail make it a top contender in accuracy.

Design Elements

Matched Barrel and Bore Size: The M3+ features a barrel and bore size that are perfectly matched, ensuring optimal paint-to-barrel fit, which is crucial for accuracy.
Innovative Airflow: The marker’s advanced airflow system delivers consistent pressure with each shot, greatly enhancing accuracy.
Ergonomic Frame and Grip: The M3+’s frame and grip are designed for comfort and control, reducing fatigue and allowing players to maintain accuracy throughout the game.

3. Empire Axe 2.0: Balancing Price and Precision

Mid-Range Price, High-End Accuracy

The Empire Axe 2.0 is a testament to the fact that you don’t always have to break the bank for top-tier accuracy. It’s a mid-range priced marker that delivers performance akin to higher-priced models.

Accuracy Features

Smooth Firing Mechanism: The Axe 2.0’s smooth firing mechanism allows for consistent shooting, enhancing its accuracy.
Quality Barrel Design: Equipped with a high-quality barrel, the Axe 2.0 ensures a stable flight path for paintballs, crucial for accurate shooting.
Comfortable Handling: Its design and ergonomics make it easy to handle and aim, proving that even mid-priced markers can offer superior accuracy.

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The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro, Dye M3+, and Empire Axe 2.0 each bring something unique to the table in terms of accuracy.

Whether it’s through advanced engineering, precision design, or balancing cost with performance, these markers have proven to be top choices for players seeking the most accurate paintball gun. Remember, the right marker for you will align with your play style, skill level, and budget, all while providing the precision you need to excel on the field.

The Crucial Role of Accuracy in Paintball Gameplay

Why Accuracy Matters

In the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled game of paintball, accuracy is more than just hitting your target; it’s about mastering control and strategy. Recalling my early days on the field, I realized that having the most accurate paintball gun gave me not just confidence, but also a strategic edge.

Whether sneaking through woodsball terrain or rushing in speedball arenas, the precision of your shots can drastically alter the course of the game. Accurate markers lead to effective suppression of opponents, precise long-range shots, and, most importantly, a higher success rate in achieving game objectives.

Impact of Accuracy in Different Styles of Play

Woodsball: In woodsball, where stealth and tactical play are key, the most accurate paintball marker becomes your best ally. I remember times when a single well-placed shot from a distance not only eliminated an opponent but also prevented my team’s position from being revealed.

Speedball: Speedball, with its quick-paced and aggressive style, demands rapid and precise shooting. Here, accuracy means making every shot count in fast exchanges. The most accurate paintballs and barrels play a crucial role in ensuring you hit the mark quickly and efficiently.

Scenario Play: In scenario-based games, which often involve specific missions and targets, the accuracy of your paintball gun can be the deciding factor between mission success and failure. The right marker ensures that you can effectively engage targets at various ranges, adapting to the dynamic nature of the game.

The Competitive Advantage

  • Eliminating Opponents: Accurate shooting means more effective eliminations. In competitive play, this can mean the difference between winning and losing.
  • Resource Efficiency: With higher accuracy, you utilize fewer paintballs, allowing for more efficient use of resources during a game.
  • Psychological Edge: There’s also a psychological aspect. Opponents are more cautious and strategic against players known for their accuracy, which can be leveraged to control the pace and style of the game.


Accuracy in paintball isn’t just a skill; it’s a critical component that influences every aspect of gameplay. From woodsball to speedball, the most accurate paintball gun can elevate your performance, impact game dynamics, and enhance overall team strategy.

As a paintball enthusiast, I’ve seen the profound impact that accuracy can have on gameplay, and it’s clear that in the quest for victory, precision is king.

Barrel Quality and Length: Key Factors in Paintball Accuracy

Understanding Barrel Design and Its Impact on Accuracy

The significance of barrel design in achieving the most accurate paintball marker cannot be overstated. In my years of playing paintball, I’ve experimented with various barrel types and seen firsthand how they can alter a gun’s precision.

A well-designed barrel ensures a stable flight path for the paintball, reducing inconsistencies and improving shot accuracy. Factors like the barrel’s interior finish, bore size, and even porting play a crucial role. A smooth interior reduces friction, allowing for a more consistent shot, while the right bore size ensures a snug fit for the paintball, further enhancing accuracy.

The Optimal Barrel Length Debate

One of the longstanding debates among paintball enthusiasts is about the optimal length of a paintball barrel. From my experience, barrel length does impact accuracy, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

Shorter barrels, often preferred in speedball, offer maneuverability and quick handling, which is crucial in fast-paced games. On the other hand, longer barrels, typically used in woodsball, provide a quieter shot and slightly increased accuracy over long distances.

However, it’s important to note that extremely long barrels don’t necessarily mean better accuracy. In my journey, I’ve found that barrels ranging from 12 to 16 inches strike a good balance between accuracy and practicality.

Other Considerations in Barrel Selection

Barrel Porting: Porting, or the holes along the barrel, plays a vital role in managing air pressure and reducing noise. Well-ported barrels can improve accuracy by stabilizing the paintball as it exits the barrel.

Material Quality: The material of the barrel also influences accuracy. High-quality materials like carbon fiber or certain metals can provide a better finish and durability, contributing to consistent performance.

Personal Experience with Barrel Selection

Choosing the right barrel was a game-changer for me. I remember switching to a 14-inch carbon fiber barrel and noticing a significant improvement in my shots’ accuracy and consistency.

It was a revelation that the right barrel could transform the performance of even the most accurate paintball gun.


In summary, the quality and length of the paintball barrel are crucial in determining the accuracy of your marker. While there is no universal answer to the perfect barrel length, understanding your play style and the nuances of barrel design can guide you to make the best choice. The most accurate paintball marker, paired with the right barrel, can significantly elevate your game, making every shot count.

Consistency in Performance: A Pillar of Paintball Accuracy

The Value of Consistent Firing

In the quest for the most accurate paintball marker, consistent firing is a cornerstone. Precision in paintball isn’t just about one well-placed shot; it’s about delivering accurate shots repeatedly.

Throughout my paintball career, I’ve realized that a gun’s ability to perform consistently is as crucial as its peak performance. Consistent firing means predictability and reliability in gameplay, allowing you to confidently make shots knowing they will land where intended.

Air Systems and Bolt Mechanisms: The Heart of Consistency

Role of Air Systems: The air system of a paintball gun plays a vital role in its consistency. Regulated air pressure ensures each shot has the same velocity, contributing to uniform shot patterns.

High-quality air systems, like HPA (High-Pressure Air) systems, offer more stable air output compared to CO2, leading to better consistency. As we delve deeper into air efficiency in upcoming sections, remember that a consistent air supply is key to maintaining shot accuracy.

Bolt Mechanism Influence: The bolt mechanism also significantly impacts the consistency of firing. In my experience, markers with smooth and reliable bolt action tend to have fewer fluctuations in performance.

This means reduced chances of chopping paint and more consistent firing, which directly translates to accuracy. Advanced bolt designs can minimize recoil and ensure a steadier shot, which I’ve found to be beneficial in both target practice and competitive scenarios.

Integrating Consistency into Gameplay

Training and Familiarity: Understanding and training with your marker’s firing system enhances your ability to maintain consistency in play. The more familiar you are with how your gun performs under different conditions, the better you can control its accuracy.

Maintenance and Upkeep: Regular maintenance is also crucial for consistency. A well-maintained gun, with clean and lubricated internals, is more likely to perform consistently. Over the years, I’ve learned that simple upkeep routines can significantly impact a gun’s performance.

Consistency in firing is a fundamental aspect of achieving accuracy in paintball. It’s about knowing that your marker will perform reliably shot after shot. The most accurate paintball gun is one that combines precise engineering in its air systems and bolt mechanisms with the player’s skill and maintenance routine.

Understanding and mastering these elements can elevate your game from being just a participant to a precision player.

Build and Design: Ergonomics Enhancing Accuracy in Paintball

The Influence of Ergonomics on Accuracy

When it comes to the most accurate paintball marker, the significance of ergonomics and design cannot be overstated. In my paintball journey, I’ve come to appreciate how a gun’s build can directly impact my accuracy on the field.

A marker that feels right in your hands, with a comfortable grip and balanced weight, naturally leads to more stable and accurate shots. It’s about how effortlessly the gun aligns with your body and movements.

A well-designed ergonomic paintball gun reduces strain during long matches, allowing for steadier aiming and shooting.

Design Elements That Boost Accuracy

Weight Distribution: The balance of a marker plays a crucial role in its handling. Guns with a well-distributed weight allow for quicker, more precise movements, crucial in fast-paced games.

Grip Comfort: The grip design is another vital aspect. A marker that sits comfortably in your hand, with easy access to the trigger and other controls, enhances shooting precision. I’ve experienced how a comfortable grip can reduce fatigue and improve focus, directly influencing accuracy.

Stock and Stabilizers: The inclusion of stocks and stabilizers in a marker’s design can also aid accuracy. These elements provide additional support, making it easier to keep the gun steady, especially for long-range shots in woodsball scenarios.

The ergonomics and design of a paintball marker are integral to its performance, especially in terms of accuracy. In the search for the most accurate paintball gun, considering how a marker feels and fits in your hands is as important as its internal mechanics.

A gun that harmonizes with the player’s physique and style not only enhances accuracy but also adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. Remember, the best paintball gun for accuracy is one that feels like a natural extension of your body on the field.

Quality of Paintballs: A Vital Factor in Achieving Pinpoint Accuracy

The Role of Paintball Quality in Accuracy

In my years of paintballing, I’ve learned that even the most accurate paintball marker can be let down by poor-quality paintballs. The quality of the paintballs you use is as critical as the gun itself in hitting your mark.

High-quality paintballs have a consistent size, shape, and weight, which contribute to a predictable flight path and less deviation. On the other hand, inferior paintballs can be misshapen or have uneven fill, leading to inaccurate shots and even gun jams.

How Paintball Quality Affects Performance

Consistency in Size and Shape: Uniform paintballs ensure consistent performance with each shot. Variations in size and shape can cause discrepancies in how the paintball exits the barrel, affecting accuracy.

Shell Integrity: The shell’s quality also matters. Too brittle, and it might break in the barrel; too tough, and it might not break on impact. The ideal paintball breaks upon hitting the target, not sooner.

Quality of Fill: High-quality paint is thick and brightly colored, making hits visible. Poor-quality fill might be too thin, leading to less noticeable marks.

Personal Experiences with Paintball Quality

I recall a tournament where I switched to a higher-grade paintball mid-game. The difference was night and day. My shots became more consistent, and my confidence in hitting long-range targets increased dramatically.

It was a clear lesson that the quality of paintballs plays an indispensable role in achieving the most accurate shots.

To sum up, the quality of paintballs is a crucial component in the pursuit of the most accurate paintball gun. As players, we need to pay attention to the paintballs we choose, as they can significantly influence the accuracy and enjoyment of our game.

Investing in high-quality paintballs is as important as selecting the right marker or barrel, especially if you’re aiming for precision and consistency in your shots.

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Air Efficiency: The Unsung Hero of Consistent and Accurate Paintball Shots

Impact of Air Efficiency on Shot Consistency

Air efficiency plays a critical yet often overlooked role. My time on various fields has taught me that the most accurate paintball gun is only as good as its air system.

Efficient air usage ensures that each shot is propelled with consistent force, a vital factor in maintaining shot accuracy. Inconsistent air pressure can lead to varying shot speeds and trajectories, turning potentially precise shots into guesswork.

The Mechanics of Efficient Air Usage

Stable Air Pressure: A stable air supply, typically provided by High-Pressure Air (HPA) systems, means consistent propulsion for each paintball. This consistency is essential for accuracy, especially for long-range shots.

Regulator Quality: The quality of the regulator in the air system is crucial. A high-quality regulator maintains a consistent output pressure, ensuring each shot has the same velocity.

Tank Capacity and Output: Larger air tanks can offer more consistent pressure over a longer period, reducing the frequency of pressure fluctuations that could affect shot accuracy.

Air efficiency is a fundamental aspect of achieving consistent and accurate shots in paintball. While players often focus on barrels, paint quality, and gun ergonomics, understanding and optimizing your marker’s air system is equally vital.

The most accurate paintball marker, equipped with an efficient air system, ensures that every trigger pull results in a stable and predictable shot, enhancing your overall performance in the game.

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Customization: Fine-Tuning Your Marker for Ultimate Accuracy

Embracing Customization for Enhanced Accuracy

In my pursuit of the most accurate paintball gun, I’ve delved into the world of customization and discovered its profound impact on accuracy. Customizing your marker is not just about personalizing its appearance; it’s about optimizing every component to enhance precision.

From precision barrels to tactical stocks, the right customizations can transform a standard marker into a tailor-made precision instrument.

Key Customizations for Accuracy

Precision Barrels: Upgrading to a precision barrel can significantly improve your marker’s accuracy. These barrels are designed for tighter bore tolerances, providing a better paint-to-barrel match. I’ve found that switching to a precision barrel often results in immediate improvements in shot consistency and range.

Tactical Stocks: Adding a stock to your marker can enhance stability, especially in scenarios like woodsball where long-range accuracy is crucial. A stock allows for steadier aiming and can reduce fatigue, leading to more precise shots over extended periods.

Optical Sights and Scopes: For those keen on precision, optical sights or scopes can be game-changers. They help in aligning shots more accurately, particularly in long-distance engagements where visual judgment may falter.

Personal Experience with Marker Customization

Customizing my marker was a journey of trial and error. I remember adding a rifled barrel to my setup and being amazed at the improved accuracy.

Similarly, when I experimented with different stocks, I found that the added stability significantly helped in maintaining accuracy, especially in long-range shots.

Considerations in Customizing for Accuracy

Balance Between Upgrades and Skill: It’s important to balance upgrades with skill development. Over-reliance on customizations without honing fundamental skills might not yield the desired improvement in accuracy.

Quality of Upgrades: Opt for high-quality upgrades. Poor-quality customizations can negatively impact performance, undermining the inherent accuracy of the marker.

Customizing your paintball marker can profoundly impact its accuracy. Precision barrels, stocks, and sights are just a few options that can fine-tune your gun’s performance.

However, it’s essential to remember that these upgrades should complement your skills rather than replace them. The most accurate paintball gun is one that not only has the right customizations but is also in sync with the player’s abilities and style.

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Expert Reviews and Player Recommendations: Community Insights on Accuracy

The Value of Community Feedback

In my quest to find the most accurate paintball gun, I’ve often turned to the wealth of knowledge in the paintball community. Expert reviews and player recommendations, especially from platforms like Reddit and PBNation forums, have been invaluable.

These platforms offer real-world insights that go beyond manufacturer claims, shedding light on how a marker performs under various conditions. They’re a treasure trove of information, with experienced players and professionals sharing their honest opinions and experiences.

How Player Reviews Influence Accuracy Perceptions

Real-World Testing: Community reviews often come from players who have tested the markers in actual gameplay, offering a more comprehensive understanding of a gun’s accuracy.

Diverse Opinions: Forums and discussion boards provide a range of perspectives, from casual players to competitive pros, giving a well-rounded view of a marker’s performance.

Comparative Analysis: Players frequently compare different markers, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each in terms of accuracy. This comparative analysis is incredibly helpful when choosing a gun.

Expert Reviews as a Reliable Source

Professional Insights: Expert reviews often come with in-depth analysis and technical breakdowns, offering a detailed understanding of what makes a gun accurate.

Objective Testing: Many expert reviewers conduct objective tests, providing quantifiable data on a marker’s accuracy, which can be more reliable than subjective opinions.

Expert reviews and player recommendations are crucial in determining the most accurate paintball gun. They provide insights that are grounded in experience and real-world use, offering a more nuanced understanding than specifications alone can provide.

Whether it’s through Reddit discussions, PBNation forums, or reviews like those here at ProPaintball, tapping into the collective wisdom of the paintball community can significantly guide you in finding a marker that meets your accuracy needs.

Type of Play: Tailoring Accuracy to Your Game Style

Matching Accuracy to Your Play Style

In paintball, “accuracy” can mean different things depending on the type of game you’re playing. My experience across various styles of play has taught me that the most accurate paintball gun is the one that aligns with your specific play style.

Whether you’re weaving through the obstacles in speedball or camouflaging in a woodsball scenario, each type of play demands a different approach to accuracy.

Speedball: Quick and Precise

Speedball Dynamics: In the fast-paced environment of speedball, accuracy means hitting fast-moving targets with quick, precise shots. Here, the emphasis is on markers that can provide rapid firing with a consistent trajectory.

Marker Preferences: Speedball players often lean towards lighter, more agile markers with responsive triggers to ensure quick, accurate bursts of paint.

Woodsball: Strategic and Long-Ranged

Woodsball Challenges: Woodsball requires a more strategic approach, where long-range accuracy is vital. Stealth and the ability to hit targets from a distance are key.

Ideal Markers for Woodsball: In this setting, markers with longer barrels and precision sights are preferred. They provide the accuracy needed for hitting targets from afar and blend stealth with precision.

Scenario Play: A Mix of Accuracy Needs

Varied Requirements: Scenario games often combine elements of both speedball and woodsball. Accuracy in these games might mean being versatile enough to switch between quick close-quarters encounters and strategic long-range shots.

Choosing a Versatile Marker: A marker that offers a good balance of rapid firing and long-range accuracy is ideal for scenario players.

Personal Experiences with Different Game Types

I’ve dabbled in both speedball and woodsball and have found that switching my marker setup according to the game type significantly improved my accuracy.

For speedball, a compact and fast marker was my go-to, while for woodsball, I preferred a marker with a precision barrel and a stock for stability.


The type of play significantly influences what is considered the most accurate paintball gun. It’s essential to understand the specific demands of your preferred game style and choose a marker that complements those needs.

Whether you’re dodging bunkers in speedball or stalking through the woods in woodsball, the right marker can elevate your accuracy and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Price and Quality Correlation: Investing in Accuracy

Price often correlates with the performance capabilities of a marker, especially in terms of accuracy. Through my years in paintball, I’ve observed that while a higher price tag doesn’t always guarantee a more accurate gun, it often reflects the use of superior materials and advanced engineering that contribute to accuracy.

Understanding the Price-Accuracy Relationship

Higher-End Markers: Generally, higher-priced markers come equipped with precision-engineered barrels, finer tuning capabilities, and more consistent air systems. These features collectively enhance the marker’s accuracy potential.

Mid-Range Options: It’s important to note that mid-range priced markers can also offer impressive accuracy. Manufacturers sometimes incorporate high-end features into these models, striking a balance between affordability and performance.

Budget-Friendly Markers: While budget markers are essential for making the sport accessible, they may lack some of the precision features of their pricier counterparts. However, they can still be quite accurate and serve as excellent choices for recreational play or beginners.

Personal Insights on Price and Performance

I recall upgrading from a budget-friendly marker to a more expensive, high-end model. The difference in accuracy was noticeable. The precision barrel and smoother firing mechanism allowed for more consistent and accurate shots, validating the investment.

Price as a Consideration, Not a Rule

Individual Needs and Skills: While price can be an indicator of a gun’s potential for accuracy, it’s essential to consider individual needs and skill levels. Sometimes, a mid-range marker might be the best fit, offering a good balance of accuracy and value.

Investment in Skills: Investing in a more expensive marker should go hand in hand with investing in developing your skills. Even the most accurate marker requires a player who can effectively harness its capabilities.


While there is a correlation between price and accuracy potential in paintball guns, it’s not an absolute rule. Players should consider their specific needs, play style, and skill level when choosing a marker.

Whether you opt for a high-end model with the latest precision features or a more budget-friendly option, remember that skill development is equally crucial in achieving accuracy on the field.

Enhancing Accuracy – Beyond the Gun

Mastering Accuracy: It’s Not Just About the Marker

In the quest for pinpoint accuracy in paintball, the right gun is just the starting point. As I’ve learned over countless games, true accuracy is a blend of skill, practice, and understanding your playing environment.

Here are some essential tips for players looking to improve their accuracy, regardless of the gun they use.

Practice Techniques: Sharpening Your Skills

  • Consistent Practice: Regular practice is key. Spend time at the range working on your aim, shot consistency, and reaction times.
  • Drills and Exercises: Engage in drills that simulate game scenarios. Focus on both stationary and moving targets to mimic real-game situations.
  • Snap Shooting: Master the art of snap shooting. This technique, where you quickly pop out of cover to fire a shot, is invaluable in speedball and scenario play.

Environmental Considerations: Adapting to Your Surroundings

  • Understanding Terrain: Familiarize yourself with different terrains and how they affect movement and visibility. This knowledge can significantly impact your accuracy in games.
  • Wind and Weather: Be mindful of environmental factors like wind and rain. These can affect the trajectory of your paintballs, requiring adjustments in your aiming.
  • Positioning and Angles: Learn to position yourself effectively on the field. The right angle and stance can greatly improve your chances of hitting your target.


While having the most accurate paintball gun can give you an edge, true accuracy in paintball is a result of player skill and adaptability. Regular practice, an understanding of environmental factors, and the right positioning can significantly enhance your accuracy on the field.

Remember, the journey to becoming a sharpshooter in paintball is as much about honing your skills and knowledge as it is about the equipment in your hands.

Concluding Most Accurate Paintball Gun

As we conclude our exploration into the world of paintball accuracy, it’s clear that the journey to finding the most accurate paintball gun is both intricate and deeply personal.

From understanding the critical role of a gun’s build and design to recognizing the importance of consistent performance and barrel quality, we’ve delved into the various aspects that define a marker’s precision.

Key takeaways from our discussion include:

The Right Marker Matters: Choosing a marker that aligns with your play style is vital. Whether it’s the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro for advanced players, the Dye M3+ for precision enthusiasts, or the Empire Axe 2.0 for those seeking a balance of price and performance, the right gun can elevate your game.

Quality Beyond the Gun: Accuracy in paintball isn’t solely dependent on your equipment. Practice techniques, understanding your environment, and mastering game strategies play equally crucial roles.

Customization and Personalization: Enhancing your marker with precision barrels, ergonomic stocks, and other customizations can significantly improve accuracy. However, these should complement your skills, not compensate for them.

In my paintball experiences, I’ve found that the journey to achieving accuracy is as rewarding as the game itself. It’s about understanding your needs, refining your skills, and finding that perfect synergy between player and marker.

Remember, the most accurate paintball gun is the one that feels like an extension of yourself on the field, resonating with your style and amplifying your strengths. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the sport, choosing the right gun for your specific needs and style is not just about hitting targets; it’s about enhancing your overall experience and enjoyment of the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the best paintball gun out right now?

A: The CS3 emerges as the pinnacle of competitive paintball markers, advancing beyond the already acclaimed CS2 Pro with a suite of enhancements that redefine high-end spool marker performance.

Q: How far will a paintball gun shoot?

A: A paintball gun can typically shoot effectively up to 80-100 feet, with maximum range extending to about 150 feet under ideal conditions. However, accuracy significantly decreases at longer distances, and the effective competitive range is usually within the shorter bracket. Safety regulations also limit the velocity to ensure safe play, which indirectly affects the shooting range.

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