Tim Cerruti of PROPaintball.com recently had a chance to sit down with Mitch Jordan of Notorious, a division 3 paintball team from Washington State. Mitch shed some light on team Notorious and there seemingly unstoppable run in both the NPPL and WCPPL paintball series.

ProPaintball: How did you guys do in the event?

We took 1st place at WCPPL #2, although we dropped a few individual games we won very commandingly which felt great because at the first event almost every match came down to the nitty-gritty with back and forth games, crazy calls, arguments and overall a roller coaster ride to 1st, so it was nice to just come to an event and play to our standards.

ProPaintball: What was your team’s mind set going into the event?

Mitch: Our mindset for any event is heart, dedication, and determination.

ProPaintball: What do you think was working well for your team?
Mitch: We really brought the aggression and were very consistent this event, it felt great winning our games with authority.  A big thing for us is confidence with each other on and off the field, you can have a team of all star players but without that bond it can be your downfall.
Every game we come out with the same full throttle attitude, no matter what happened the game before it’s a new point and a new time to shine. We aren’t at events to party or dick around…we are there to win, all the fun stuff can come after.

ProPaintball: What adjustments are you looking for going into the next event?

Mitch: We feel that it was a well rounded event but there is always room for improvement to keep us at the cream of the crop.

ProPaintball: What do you think you guys weren’t doing so well?

Mitch: Well communication wasn’t 100% but then again there is always something we can work on, but there wasn’t any one thing that brought us down so we just got to keep on grinding it out every weekend and improving on all the small things.

ProPaintball: What teams were giving you the most problems, and what were they doing well?

Mitch: Every team brings to the field a new challenge, which we learn something from, especially because of the fact that we don’t have the luxury of practicing on pristine fields with competitive California teams every weekend so it’s a really great experience to come play these teams in the conditions we’re not accustomed to up here in Washington.

ProPaintball: Is there anything new the organization is doing that you want to let everyone out there to know about?

Mitch: Continuous stride to make this a better sport for everyone,  and planning on playing D2 PSP as well as D2 WCPPL next season.

ProPaintball: Also is there anything you would like to add to close this interview?

Mitch: We’d like to thank PROpaintball.com for this opportunity and their dedication to our great sport and that we can’t wait for the rest of the season to unfold as we are hungry for that series championship.


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