Playing video games is fun, but imagine being in a real-life simulated environment that mimics the battlefield and other thrills in virtual games. Paintball, for instance, is a high adrenaline game that makes players feel like they are in a video game. It involves an exciting enemy pursuit paired with a shot or two to mark the victory over the other team.

While you can play paintball in your backyard, the true thrill of the game is playing it in the best paintball field. Paintball fields are created with obstacles and hiding spots that make pursuing the opponents fun and fascinating. Unfortunately, you will not have a good time playing on a poorly constructed paintball field or one that lacks referees that care about your experience.

Playing in the best paintball field allows you to enjoy the game in full gear. This includes a protective suit, paintball marker or gun, paintballs, a mask and goggles. In addition, there are a set of rules and instructions that turn the average game into a wild and memorable experience. Below, we have reviewed the best paintball fields in the United States to get you off the video games and straight into these adrenaline-pumping experiences.

1. Paintball Explosion

Located in East Dundee, Illinois, Paintball Explosion is home to 6 main courses that mimic the real battlefield experience. These courses can be used for laser tag, airsoft and paintball.

In addition, Paintball Explosion has themed paintball fields for playing different games such as Mutiny, Code Black, Nam, World at War and Nuketown field based on the Call of Duty video game.

Paintball Explosion is designed to provide fun for all age groups, with designated areas for children to play low-impact paintball or laser tag. In addition, renting equipment is fun with a large variety of items, such as paintball guns, including the Tippmann X7 Phenom, the Planet Eclipse Etek 4 with Dye Rotor and Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum.

2. The Paintball Park

Camp Pendleton, California, is home to one of the US’s best and unique paintball fields. It has many themed paintball parks that mirror the original battlefields. Playing in the Paintball Park will have you pursuing your opponent, hiding and weaving in real-life helicopters, army tanks and fuel bunkers. This paintball field is the closest you will get to a battlefield packed with fun and high adrenaline, so be sure to break out your camo and put your shooting skills to the test.

3. Skirmish

Skirmish paintball field is hidden away in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, with over 700 acres of land, making it the biggest paintball field in the US. As a result, it boasts the biggest paintball fields, which total 50 zones. In addition, since it nears Pocono Mountain, Skirmish has natural dense woods around it and two castles inside that bring to life your virtual gaming experience.

Paintball players all over the US visit Skirmish to enjoy the cargo containers, helicopters, forts and tanks that use military tactics to make the game a thrill. Additionally, Skirmish USA holds annual summer events, with the most popular one being “The Invasion of Normandy,” which attracts over 4000 players. We would recommend Skirmish, especially if you are a paintball pro looking to enjoy the best paintball maps on site.

4. Blitz Paintball

Located in Dacono, a small town outside of Denver, Colorado, Blitz Paintball is the place to be if you are looking for a challenge. Playing paintball in this field feels like you are in historical battlefields. In addition, Blitz Paintball features a gigantic castle and uniquely set themed grounds. When playing paintball in this field, the main challenge is ensuring that you leave unscathed since there are few secret hiding places.

5. Hollywood Sports

Hollywood Sports California is regarded as one of the most themed paintball parks in the entire world. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this paintball game field allows you to play paintball inside the actual movie set props of your favorite movies. Examples of these movie sets include Saving Private Ryan, Godzilla, The Haunting and Starship Troopers. Hollywood sports deserves a spot on your bucket list if you wish to experience at a maximum your favorite video games like Mad Max and the Apocalypse, among others.

6. D-Day Adventure Park

D-Day Adventure Park is located in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. It is not only known for its regular paintball course but also the annual week-long D-Day event. Each year has a unique theme, but rest assured that the gaming experience will remain with you for as long as you live. In addition, some vendors and campgrounds make this D-Day experience memory. D-Day Adventure Park should be top on your vacation list, especially during the annual event, if you are a paintball enthusiast.

7. CPX Paintball

If you are looking for an immersive atomic age experience, CPX Paintball in Chicago, Illinois, might be the best paintball field for you. It boasts unique paintball venues, with the Town of Bedlam being the most outstanding zone. This specific zone will take you back to 1950’s America only until the paintball comes flying at you. If you are not so into the retro ghost town of Bedlam, there are other enjoyable zones in CPX Chicago, such as the Wasteland zone, Armageddon zone and the Jungle, which mimics the one in Indiana Jones.

8. Apocalypse Paintball

The Apocalypse Paintball field is home to more than 16 paintball fields. In addition, it has three stories tall 40,000 square foot castle designed to host amateur and professional paintballers in Wisconsin. Apocalypse paintball is undoubtedly one of the best paintball fields with fields. In addition, it has a large catwalk and numerous secret hiding places that make the game all the more interesting.

9. OSG Paintball

Based in Barnstead, New Hampshire, OSG Paintball is home to 12 uniquely themed paintball zones. Constructed on 43 acres of land, you get to enjoy the different real-life-themed video games, such as Star Wars, Pirate Cove, James Wood, Sherwood Forest, among others. If you are an alien fan, Area 51 and First Contact will be worth the thrill for you. In addition, OSG Paintball has a restaurant called the Bunker within its compound so that you can play paintball on the various paintball fields without feeling hungry.

10. EMR Event Park

EMR Event Park in New Milford, Pennsylvania, comprises three gigantic castles with barricades, buildings and towers that you can play paintball in, on, or around. The park is built on a 120 acres piece of land, with over 80 acres designated for your paintball experience. Aside from the castles, there is an airfield, a playground, several towns and a section called the Wild West with a hacienda, a village, mine shaft and a train station. In addition, the EMR Event Park features a heated rec center with food and drink services, a paintball store, a lounge, foosball and ping pong tables and other free-to-use amenities.


Narrowing down the best paintball fields to one is not easy. This is because each paintball place is unique and offers a different paintball experience. If you are a paintball enthusiast, it would be best to visit each of the best paintball fields and speedball arenas at least once to get a unique paintball experience. Paintball games will always be fun, so make it a priority to immerse yourself wherever you are, castles or not.

If you need any paintball gear or don’t know where to start, check out our reviews on the best paintball guns or best paintball masks, or any of our many posts on getting you started on getting into the game of paintball.