With the right ‘Elements’ you can find ‘Catalyst’ whose interactions provide added ‘Motivation’ for your team. Mix it all together and you just might get a high level of ‘Task Cohesion’. Say What? PRO Paintball identifies good team chemistry in Part 2 of our five part series, Anatomy of a Pro Roster.

Top athletes and coaches in other sports will tell you that mental skills are just as important as physical abilities. Part 2 of “So You Want To Play Pro?” focuses in on the mental aspects of the game paintball. Read on as we point out the obstacles and potential opportunities.

The air is thick with anticipation. It’s down to the River Card and you need it to be Infamous. The guy across from you is all in on Damage. Next to you ‘Shades’ is hoping for a Dynasty play or is it Impact? Suddenly out of no where. . .

So you want to play PRO? PRO Paintball has your back with a road map, sound advice, and even a reality check.