Interview: Richmond Italia, Paintball CEO

Procaps & GI Sports CEO Richmond Italia was recently interviewed by BuyPBL's GabFest. This great interview is jam packed with tons of relevant information and perspective on running the largest company in paintball.Read More

PBRack NPPL Huntington Beach 2012 Paintball Video

Our friends at PBRack dropped a sick video of the NPPL Huntington Beach 2012 paintball event. The video features some cool graphic effects, beach footage and tons of paintball action. [youtube][/youtube]Read More

NPPL Chicago 2011 Promo Video

The National Professional Paintball League has released a promotional video highlighting their upcoming pro paintball tournament. The next NPPL event will be held at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL on May 20th – 22nd. As far as paintball parks go, CPX Sports is the premier facility in the Mid West. A bit of factoid for […]Read More

NPPL Chicago 2011 Layout Released

The National Professional Paintball League has released the official NPPL Chicago 2011 field layout. A few weeks back we received two leaked copies of the NPPL Chicago test layouts that pro paintball teams were testing in practice. The final layout appears to have incorporated elements of both of the fields and is sure to create some top […]Read More

Paintball News & Rumor Report

Another pile of paintball rumors have come across the ProPaintball news desk. Check out the latest on DC Arsenal, Shane Howe, Markus Nielsen, Alex Savino, X-Factor and more!Read More

[Video] Frank vs Ollie at NPPL Chicago

Okay, last video, we promise. But this one is good, its a up close and personal look at a very controversial match at the NPPL 2011 Chicago Open. Cassidy’s footage puts you right in the middle of the action and gives you a first hand look at what all the fuss is about. Watch as […]Read More

New Paintball Gear: HK Army Paintball Harness

This is a follow up to last weeks story about our trip to the PBFashion warehouse. While the HK guys were unloading several pallets of new paintball cleats, one of the guys from ProPaintball was roaming around the warehouse “looking for a bathroom”. You won’t guess what cool gear ProPaintball stumbled on. HHH! Sitting on […]Read More

Pro Paintball Documentary: “Damaged”

Pro paintball team Tampa Bay Damage has unveiled a new feature length documentary project that is in progress. “Damaged” is being filmed and produced by Full Sail Productions & DFM Pictures. The documentary has launched a facebook where you can subscribe for the latest updates. In a related update, Tampa Bay Damage has unveiled a new […]Read More