Paintball Webcast – PSP Dallas 2015

Paintball Access, hosts of the Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) live video stream, have officially opened registration for the PSP Dallas event which takes place this weekend. Fans, parents, and those curious about professional paintball can tune in March 13th-15th and enjoy high quality paintball action from some of the best teams in the world. Read […]Read More

RUMOR: GI Sportz and CXBL part ways

Pro Paintball insiders report that a rift has formed in the Canadian paintball scene which could affect players and teams across North America. Read on for an inside look at what paintball teams and companies will be affected.Read More

New Gun: Shocker RSX

A legend is reborn. The Shocker RSX paintball gun was unveiled today at Paintball Extravaganza. Brought back (from the dead) to the market by a company known officially as ‘SP Paintball’ — unofficially as Smart Parts — and fronted by long time Smart Parts and professional paintball ambassador Tim Montressor, the gun has made a […]Read More

New Gear: HK TFX Paintball Loader

HK Army has unveiled the new HK TFX Paintball loader. [youtube][/youtube] Featuring tool-less assembly, light weight, 216 load capacity and reball compatibility out of the box, this thing packs a punch. With built in tension adjustment and an ultra low profile, the new TFX will be a sure hit during the 2015 paintball season. For […]Read More

Dark times for paintball? Think again.

Is paintball dying? Is this the end? These questions have been around the paintball world and date back to 2008 when the global economy began to stutter. These troublesome thoughts have been further augmented by a recent article in Bloomberg dated 12-14-2014 entitled “Why Paintball has gone splat“. Industry consolidation, companies going bankrupt and further […]Read More

PSP 2014 World Cup Paintball Video x Cassidy Sanders

The one and only Cassidy Sanders has uploaded his final masterpiece of the 2014 paintball season. This video is overflowing with tons of high quality shots, professional paintball action and music to get you pumped for the season. Enjoy this high quality paintball video and share with your friends. [youtube][/youtube]Read More

PSP Pro Paintball Schedule for 2015

Paintball Sports Promotions has unveiled the schedule of events for the 2015 paintball season. The league has decided to continue the 5 event schedule that has been successful in recent years. Notably missing from this list are events in the Southern California/Western region. Read on for the complete schedule and pro paintball commentary.Read More

Paintball Videos: The Impact Series

Sina Azmoudeh & PBNation have unveiled a new paintball video series that follows pro paintball team Edmonton Impact through the 2014 season. Each episode is posted below with short highlights.  This is a very high quality production and its well worth the watch.Read More

Infamous wins PSP Dallas Pro Paintball event

Pro paintball team LA Infamous beats out Omaha Vicious. Final score for the first and second place match was 7 to 3. Congrats Infamous! John over at PBNation posted a cool Point by point game breakdown of the final match:  The very long first point came down to a 2 on 1 against Zach Sherman from […]Read More

WCPPL 2014 Season Update

“Divisions 2 & 3 are most likely going to be playing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Division 4 will most likely be playing Saturday & Sunday. We will be using the base of the PSP Dallas Open layout while also adding our own modifications, such as a back center. APX will be returning to sell paint […]Read More

Chris Dilts returns to paintball

P8NT Magazine legend Chris Dilts is coming back to paintball. We are thrilled to welcome back an old friend to our production crew on The Roster S3-Chris Dilts. It’s not everyday you get to work with … — ETV Dan (@ETVdan) February 14, 2014 The work of Chris Dilts was best showcased in the now […]Read More

Mikko Huttunen leaves DYE Paintball

We received word that DYE VP Mikko Huttunen has officially left the DYE Group. During the last 10 years Mikko has both played professionally for DYE Paintball under the Ironmen shield and worked extensively to develop and diversify DYE’s business. In 2011 Mikko spearheaded the launch of DYE SNOW. Under Mikko’s leadership the DYE Snow […]Read More

National Professional Paintball League takes a year off

Chuck Hendsch and the National Professional Paintball League have announced that the NPPL 2014 paintball season is on hold. This move comes after years of speculation, rumors, and several failed mergers with the PSP. Release below. For Immediate Release: National Professional Paintball League Inc. (NPPL) 15552 Graham Street Huntington Beach Ca. 92649 714 758 5575 […]Read More

Matt Dawsons Memorial Service

The Dawson family has invited all of Matt’s friends to the memorial service happening next week. There will be many members of the paintball community in attendance and we welcome you to join us. In addition, a celebration of Matt’s life will be held at a local paintball park on Saturday, 2-15-14. Announcement forthcoming. The […]Read More

RIP Matt Dawson

It is with heavy heart that we share the passing of our dear friend and compatriot Matt Dawson. Matt D was a hero to many and a legend to all. Matt Dawson humanized the game of paintball and shed new light on the sport we all love. Rather than take the easy money and make […]Read More