The guys over at Egoballas followed players at The Meadowlands Paintball and Wolfpack for a few months, constructing a moving mini documentary showcasing “why we do what we do”. Directed by Aaron Kohn, this documentary lets you into the lives … Read More

With the launch of Fantasy Paintball, the way people view the game and it’s players is going to change.

Federov after winning a Point at World Cup 2011 - Photo by Skip Hickey

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In partner with Arthur¬†Dolzhansky, the Cucuzza crew, Romel Doyle, and the guys over at¬†Egoballas – this video features Division 1 team Wolfpack at PSP World Cup 2012, in Polk City. Wolfpack originates from The Meadowlands Paintball in New Jersey. After … Read More

Nico Perry of Seattle Thunder sat down with Michael Borenstein to talk about playing professional paintball. Read on to learn about professional paintball’s youngest athlete.