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The NPPL D.C. and PSP Mid Atlantic Open events have come and gone; the winners have been crowned and the losers have

Pro Paintball insiders tell us DYNASTY has picked up Dalton Vanderbyll from Entourage for the 2011 season. Dalton would put the team

This past week was the last time players could take advantage of All American Paintball Park’s great facilities, for the time being.

Following on the heels of Tuesdays announcement that the Hurricanes were withdrawing from pro paintball we received an interesting request. An anonymous

German SEK (SWAT equivalent) teams have raided a hall in Berlin in which a paintball tournament was being held. Over 100 paintball

Dye released a video this morning featuring a recent interview with Kyle Spicka from the LA Ironmen, a pro paintball team. He


Empire Paintball is running two contests/giveaways for free paintball gear. Players that enter into the Empire Paintball contests will be eligible to

Just this past week Virtue Paintball has released their brand new line of hopper boards, most of which was of little suprise.

Rumors of a new Smart Parts Impulse are spreading like wildfire. Word has it the marker was approximately 50 days out from


DISH HopperGO Travel DVR 64 GB mobile video drive takes 100 hours of DVR recordings on the goCreates its own private wireless

Welcome to this weeks addition of The Friday Frag. I left last weeks column (Starting with a solid foundation) with the question

Welcome to another edition of The Friday Frag. As you recall, I left last week with the question of which of the


Blast Shooting the new Marq Victory came out on top at the end of Friday’s prelims having only lost one game. Sunday

German SEK (SWAT equivalent) teams have raided a hall in Berlin in which a paintball tournament was being held. Over 100 paintball

Millenniums final event is about one week away, and is being held at Euro Disney in Paris. This year the Millennium series

Scenario Paintball

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Friday Frag. In our last edition we left you with a question “what do you

Living Legends 5, the premier scenario paintball event, is preparing for another record setting scenario event. This years theme is known as

D-Day Paintball features real tanks, atv's and military vehicles. Photo from Oklahoma D-Day 2011 is right around the corner. Taking place

Professional Teams

Pro paintball team LA Infamous beats out Omaha Vicious. Final score for the first and second place match was 7 to 3.

French pro paintball team Marseille ICON has unveiled their new paintball documentary. In 2011, ICON experienced a series of up’s and downs

Want to get information on the new NPPL pro team, Portland Uprising? The team has put together a website and made it

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