Pittsburgh All Americans to leave the NPPL

After significant deliberation and discussion, the Pittsburgh All-Americans have decided to no longer compete in the NPPL and the seven man format. In a period in which teams are quickly becoming more competitive and the necessary efforts are required to be a top contender, the NPPL has befallen to an afterthought for the All-Americans. In 2008, the team has competed …

Big league changes in store for 2009?

Over the last two weeks rumors have been flying that several Pro franchises are having a rough time (financially) this season. Last week the chatbox was running wild with rumors that two or three well known franchises (Naughty Dogs, Shock, etc.) were considering sitting out the upcoming North East Open. After some research we found that the teams in question …

Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint

July 25 – Beyond the Paint Adam Johnson from Bad Company will be the featured player on this weeks episode of Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint

MAXS European Masters

Millennium Nürburgring (September 5th-7th 08) field layouts have been posted. Some of you may recognize this location from its fame in euro-moto-racing. Check Nürburgring.de to get a better idea of the location, the race tracks, and other fun things to do.

Tyler Harmon is back!

Word has it Tyler was cut for lack of “Dog Spirit” and has rejoined Oakland BLAST. Don’t think hes going to miss much with the dogs, rumor with Rocky’s boys is that they are suffering from the economic downturn and may not be able to make it to PSP NEO. Tyler was a paid player with the dogs, and if …

Whose pointing the finger now?

Just a few days ago the Director of Photography from iStockPhoto came forward and revealed the true identity of DLX Audrey. His statements accuse DLX Audrey / DLX Technology (SMARTPARTS) of copyright infringement involving misuse of an image that happened to be his wife! In response, DLX/Smartparts Rebecca has much to say, and sadly, almost down plays the situation. In …

NEO Teams Urgent Update!

Head PR man at Smart Parts, Sean, has alerted us that there is a major event taking place the same weekend as NEO paintball tournament. Teams [that] are coming to the PSP NEO [need to] book hotels NOW. The Pittsburgh Steelers training camp is down the street from us and it will be going on during the same time. Book …

Aftermath D1 Tryouts

  Aftermath will be having tryouts for its D1 team on July 27th. We are looking for players that are dedicated and have the will to succeed. This is not a free ride. Be ready to play by 9:00 at Raza.  Mike Hinman, San Diego Aftermath

NPPL Buffalo Round #2

Oneforone TV Buffalo Round 2 NPPL Buffalo coverage including interviews with Ryan Greenspan about the departure of Brian Cole & rumors of Yosh Rau leaving Dynasty. Also in the video below theres a ‘bird dodging incident’, Billy Wing explains the incident and also talks about the series along with finals in Buffalo.