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todd1Just received this to my mailbox seconds ago from none other then Todd “Cash Money” Martinez himself. Below you will find his official statement as to his plans for the PSP World Cup 2009.

Thanks Todd for sending this our way as we know all the readers have been wondering just where you might end up for the final event of the PSP season. Without further adieu, Todds words.

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Traumahead Sportz sat down with Todd Martinez in San Deigo, CA at his store and shot a little interview. Todd Martinez, definitely has one the biggest personality in pro paintball today. Along with being loud and crazy off the field, … Read More

Raza and Todd Martinez have announced the latest in their line of new paintball gear. The 2012 Whip Grips. Read on for details and a few words from Todd.

I find it hard to imagine a DYNASTY without Todd, his face and positive attitude has become synonymous with the team.


Has Todd decided its time to change things up and if so, where will he go next? Read on for the latest update.

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