Pro Paintball Player Profile: Jason "FK" Edwards

Today we feature Jason “Fat Kid” Edwards of the Philadelphia Americans in our first of a series of Pro Paintball player profiles. This article was contributed by the man that knows him best, teammate and long time friend Tim Montressor. Read on as Tim recounts some great moments had with Jason both on and off the paintball field and the shenanigans that followed.


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ProPaintball Millennium Series: Event #1 Malaga

millenniumlogoThe Pro Paintball Millennium Event #1 in Malaga, Spain is off to a rough start. Iceland has managed to allow their volcanoes to erupt for the second time in less than a month, and over 17,000 flights have been cancelled throughout northern Europe! The paintball gods might not be favoring those of us who decided to travel just a flight too late, though this no doubt will make for a very interesting event.

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Aftershock announces 3 major pick ups for 2010

team aftershock logoThe rumor mill was working over time this weekend and insiders informed us that Aftershock was in the process of signing some big name talent to the roster for 2010. Unfortunately, none of our sources were able to confirm any of the players, until now. This morning we placed a call to our friends on Aftershock who confirmed that the team had made a serious power move. Three in fact. Read on for the latest pro paintball news.

Update from Tim Montressor inside.

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Tim Montressor on the All Americans update

tim faceRead on as Pro paintball player Tim Montressor of the Philly All Americans shares his personal story of his journey to the top with the All American Paintball team. This story follows on the heals of yesterdays article announcing that the All Americans will be taking the season off and is definitely worth a read.

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
-Winston Churchill

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