Planet Eclipse SLS Photos!

SLS2Pro Paintball has just received word that Planet Eclipse has launched their new SL marker at the Paintball Extravaganza. The word on the street is they will be producing a very limited quantity, 300 to be exact, and only 200 of those will be shipped to the USA.  We don’t quite know the specs of the marker, feel free to speculate in the comments.

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PPB Exclusive: First look at Dynasty shooting PE

index dynastyPro Paintball photographers caught Dynasty practicing with their new Ego and GEO paintball guns over the weekend at Camp Pendleton paintball park in Oceanside, CA. Saturday, San Diego Dynasty spent the day running drills and learning the field. Dynasty spent Sunday scrimmaging against the Los Angeles Ironmen and the games were pretty evenly matched. About 30 points were played and we were able to confirm that both former Philly American player Chad George and Glenn Takemoto of Infamous were present with their new team.

Here’s a first look at Dynasty shooting Planet Eclipse paintball guns:

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Ebay of the day: Eclipse SL91 GEO

planeteclipsePro Paintball reader DT pointed out an eBay listing that caught his eye. The Planet Eclipse SL91 Geo,  otherwise known as “the GEO that never was”. The marker was listed at $1.00 and is currently in a bidding war and selling for $6,700.00 with 46 bids and 4 days to go. This GEO is 1-of-10 and features several prototype parts and custom anodizing. Read on for the paintball gun details, part list and other interesting trivia about the SL91 GEO.

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