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[Video] Frank vs Ollie at NPPL Chicago

Okay, last video, we promise. But this one is good, its a up close and personal look at a very controversial match at the NPPL 2011 Chicago Open. Cassidy’s footage puts you right in the middle of the action and gives you a first hand look at what all the fuss is about. Watch as […]Read More

Ask Dynasty's Coach Mike Hinman

This is your opportunity to pick Mike's brain. Feel free to ask him your questions relating to game of paintball. One question per post please. ProPaintball moderators will send the best questions to Hinman and we will post his answers as soon as he gets them back to us.Read More

Event Wrap-up: NCPA National Championships 2011

  Sunday brought closure to another successful (and hot) NCPA National Championship, and with it came a new set of victors. In all, 78 teams competed within three divisions, with this year marking the first inclusion of the high school finals along with the traditional A and AA collegiate series. The hype surrounding the event […]Read More

Win a trip to play free paintball with DYNASTY

Dynasty has teamed up with Guerrilla Air for a contest where the winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Southern California and get to be part of Dynasty for the day. Click the button to participate in the contest. Its pretty easy to play. Post your favorite photo of you playing paintball to […]Read More

Exclusive: Interview with Ollie Lang

ProPaintball is proud to present our exclusive interview with world champion paintball star Ollie Lang. Read on for an inside look at one of paintball's most celebrated players and insight on the race back to the top with San Diego Dynasty.Read More

Video: Ollie Lang practicing with DYNASTY

Our friends Mark Kressin and Cassidy Sanders from PBFashion headed to the field to and captured exclusive paintball video footage of the first Dynasty practice. Take a look at the first game play with the new Dynasty team as well as interviews with Brandon Short, Ryan Greenspan, Alex Fraige and Tyler Harmon. Read More

Paintball around the world in 30 seconds

Todays round up features the several updates from Paris, a follow up from Chicago and a few thoughts on the World Cup venue change. The Paris Millenium webcast is up. Check out the Euro action over at Spirit of Paint.tv Speaking of the Millennium, Ryan, Alex, Justin and Davey from Dynasty and Ollie from the […]Read More