Video footage of the controversial match between Avalanche and Dynasty at NPPL 2011 Chicago Open has surfaced. Check it out and share your comments!

best paintball guns 2022

Pro paintball player Ollie Lang is preparing to release his very own Planet Eclipse EGO 11. Check out the details on the new paintball gun.

This is your opportunity to pick Mike’s brain. Feel free to ask him your questions relating to game of paintball. One question per post please. ProPaintball moderators will send the best questions to Hinman and we will post his answers as soon as he gets them back to us.

  Sunday brought closure to another successful (and hot) NCPA National Championship, and with it came a new set of victors. In all, 78 teams competed within three divisions, with this year marking the first inclusion of the high school … Read More

Rumors had speculated that Ollie was either to re-sign with the Ironmen or potentially go back to Dynasty. Read on for Ollie’s decision.