Player of the Week: Sinan Cinaroglu

12141 1118231247931 1591516297 30278357 6903966 nThe South Eastern region is a hub that has played host to many pro paintball players who have risen to the top competitive level. This week’s spotlight goes to Sinan Cinaroglu of the Palm Beach Vipers. Team owner Ken Bryson has had numerous individuals pass through his camp over the years, but Sinan is an individual who has more than earned his keep, and stayed humble all along the way.

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Palm Beach Vipers Update

The Palm Beach Vipers have been a force to be reckoned with for several years now. The teams commander in chief, Ken Bryson, has built a nationally respected paintball program and most recently his team took 1st at the 2010 PSP Phoenix Open. We received an email from Ken this morning that came as a shock to us. Upon reading, however, Ken has made a difficult but logical decision to refocus his efforts on the Vipers nation-wide divisional paintball program and we wish him the best of luck. Read on for the latest paintball news from the Palm Beach Vipers.


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Paintball News: SLY signs Palm Beach Vipers for 2010

slyThe PSP Phoenix Event is just around the corner, and pro paintball teams across the board are busy finalizing their sponsorships. Just last week SLY Equipment debuted their 2010 Pro Paintball Gear Line to the online community who in turn had a very positive response. Just today, SLY and Palm Beach Vipers have announced an agreement to outfit the Vipers paintball program with SLY Protective Gear, most notably the PROFIT Goggle System.

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Palm Beach Vipers Semi-Pro is disbanded

On Saturday morning we reported that Chris Lasoya and the Palm Beach Vipers had ended their short relationship. Following the departure of Chris Lasoya just prior to Saturday’s match, sources informed that team owner Ken Bryson has fired his … Read More