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Interview: Raney Stanczak Discusses Move to Tampa Bay Damage

Pro Paintball caught up with Raney Stanczak for some insight on his recent move to Tampa Bay Damage. PPB: So the parameters have been made clear, the fine print has been read, and the ink has dried.. Is it a relief to have your plans for 2013 locked down and “in the books”? What kind […]Read More

Interview with ProPaintball player Brandon Short

Pro Paintball player Brandon Short of the Los Angeles Ironmen recently sat down to answer the paintball communities questions submitted to him via facebook. Brandon talks about his favorite paintball player, tips on playing the game, adjusting to the new PSP rules and much more.Read More

Movers & Shakers Heading into PSP World Cup

Movers & Shakers Heading into PSP World Cup Boston Red Legion made good on a trend we discussed last week in the MAO Watch list, namely, they don’t miss the top four often. Right on cue, Russia stormed the Carolinas, going 6-0 and coasting to an impressive win of the PSP’s Pro Division of the […]Read More

The Fall of the Western Empires?

DYNASTY and Ironmen have long dominated the pro circuit. These two legendary teams have recently slipped from the prodium. PRO Paintball analyzes the track record of these two power house teams and provides a few hints at what their 2010 season may hold in store.Read More

Aftermath, Ironmen, SK Moscow Pro Paintball Practice Video

Just weeks before the most recent PSP event in Phoenix, there were a lot of pro paintball teams getting practice in all over California. Edmonton Impact, Boston Legion, and Tampa Bay Damage were in Sacramento while San Diego Aftermath, LA Ironmen, SK Moscow and Scottsdale Elevation were battling it out at the Aftermath Arena in […]Read More

PPB Exclusive: First look at Dynasty shooting PE

Pro Paintball photographers caught Dynasty practicing with their new Ego and GEO paintball guns over the weekend at Camp Pendleton paintball park in Oceanside, CA. Saturday, San Diego Dynasty spent the day running drills and learning the field. Dynasty spent Sunday scrimmaging against the Los Angeles Ironmen and the games were pretty evenly matched. About […]Read More

Paintballs 2010 Offseason Rumors

There has been a flurry of activity in the rumor mill as the 2009 paintball season draws to a close. Teams are changing sponsors, players are switching teams and companies are trying to figure out what the heck they should do about .50cal and sponsorship for the 2010 season. This update is a big one […]Read More

Ironmen advances to 1st & 2nd

  After an early point spread in favor of Dynasty, the Ironmen were able to bring points back to the board. Numerous penalties went back and forth on both sides of the field. Dynasty even saw an entire penalty ride out in one point with Johnny Perchak coming out of the box only to trade […]Read More

Ironmen defeat Infamous

LA Infamous took a quick lead on the Ironmen and had a 3 point spread. Down 3-6 the Ironmen were able to rally back and in the end finish the match on top. Ironmen beat Infamous 7-6 Friday the Ironmen will play X-Factor who just took a beating this afternoon by Aftermath. Infamous will have to […]Read More

Tampa Bay Damage MAO Practice Wrap

PSP Mid-Atlantic Open is fast approaching and pro teams across the country are preparing for battle. We had the opportunity to catch up with CJ Botsolas and William Lofthouse of Tampa Bay Damage after the recent Damage vs. Ironmen practice. Check out the video below as Will and CJ give us a breakdown on how […]Read More

New England Hurricane's take on the LAPPL

Just last month Brian Gigliotti and Billy Bernacchia of the New England Hurricanes went to Peru to compete in the Latin America Professional Paintball League. They played along side Team Peru Paintball and managed to take home the 1st Place Trophy. Billy had some comments about the event: Lots of fun an talent down there. […]Read More

Palm League Middle-East

A little follow up coverage from the PALM Series Kish Island event, Euro Sport 2 aired a Paintball Show not long ago. The commercial intro is about a minute long then the episode begins, check it out here: Thanks Nima!Read More

DC Arsenal and Arsenal Evolution

DC Arsenal’s JC Whittington covers the pre game finals against Dynasty along with Chris Designor’s post finals wrap up. All 3 Arsenal teams placed in the top 2. After a tough third game against Dynasty Entourage, Arsenal Evolution took 2nd place in Division 1 at Huntington Beach. Mike Paxson and Brandon Short guesting from Team […]Read More

Ironmen Win Golden Palm Championship

This past weekend the Ironmen competed in the Kish Island, Golden Palm Paintball Championship. The little isand of Kish is home to Iran’s Olympic Stadium, which was host to the event. 9 foreign teams came to compete in the 3day event that hosted 20 domestic teams. Ironmen, representing the United States, placed First. Second was […]Read More