[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJTfHcCSasY[/youtube] Dye debuted the NT11 at World Cup last month, the major change with the gun is the bolt. Watch the video as Billy Wing walks us though all the changes to the new bolt and the rest of the gun.

A few weeks back you asked Mike Hinman several questions including what it is like to lead the winningest team in paintball, steps to run a successful paintball team, NPPL, PSP and the WCPPL, coaching your team to victory, as well as the inside scoop as to what happened to San Diego Aftermath. Hinman, the coach of pro paintball team San Diego Dynasty, has answered your questions.

ProPaintball recently sat down with paintball legend Billy Wing of the Los Angeles Ironmen for an exclusive interview. Read on for insight into the inner workings of the Los Angeles Ironmen, DYE Precision and the Billy Wing series of paintball guns.