Splat Magazine has been a well established name in the paintball publications category for years now. As budgets got tighter and technology advanced through the internet, online magazines started to appear. Splat Magazine took on an all new form as SplatXD, an entirely digital magazine for viewing at no cost.

This year, editor in chief Chris “IQ” Iaquinta added a new section to the site,  the 2009 Splat Awards. In this section you will find awards for such things like player of the year, team of the year and our favorite category, website of the year. Read on for more.

IQ named ProPaintball.com as the premier Website of the Year of 2009 by explaining what we’re all about:

In a time where many parts of the paintball media have all but died off completely, ProPaintball.com took the opportunity to provide the sport with the daily updates and investigative reporting it needs. Few other sites have the guts to talk about the controversial issues the way that Pro Paintball owners Justin and Brandon Mason do, which is why hardcore tournament fans have listed this site permanently in their “Favorites”.

Special thanks to all the staff at SplatMagazine.com!