Looking for a gun that is worth spending your money on? Then, look no further because the Planet Eclipse Etek guns might be the best guns for your fit. The guns are available in two versions having different and unique body materials.

Generally, they have the following features: a unibody construction, an angular swivel, an offset feed, a four-piece shaft barrel, just to mention a few.

These high-end paintball guns boast the best features of previous generations, borrowing several features from other high-end guns. For a mid-range paintball marker gun, it beats its efficiency by having an amazing pool of features.

The Planet Eclipse Etek review below includes the features of Planet Eclipse Etek 4 and Planet Eclipse Etek 5 in detail, to help you choose the best.

Planet Eclipse Etek 4 Review

1. Build

The outlook of this marker is a single piece with several updates milled on it. It has a male front regulator mount built in the body, which is compatible with the SL3 regulator. The gun is made of quality yet light aluminum that keeps it lightweight and durable. The LT version’s glass-reinforced nylon fiber is extremely rigid. Moreover, it has very soft grips that provide you with comfort while holding your gun.

The Etek 4 regulator has some similarities to the one in Ego markers in that it possesses the same nifty angled regulator swivel. If you question the value of Etek 4 compared to Etek 3, you should not upgrade to Etek 4 if you already own an Etek 3 because it’s a waste of money. However, if you do not own an Etek paintball marker, having an Etek 4 is something you can consider because it’s a slight upgrade of the Etek 3 minus the modifications of a new regulator and ASA.

2. Board and Electronics

Etek 4 offers you such capabilities with the SMC solenoid connected to its body, searching for a high-tech marker. It has a filter within the manifold that connects to the regulator and prevents dirt from penetrating the gun. To improve the marker’s programming processes, it has 3 color LEDs. It allows for board promoting in a wide range of firing modes, including Ball in space, and Capped ROF.

Since the Etek 4 is a mid-level tournament marker, it can be programmed easily to comply with different tournament regulations.

3. Feed

The Etek 4 feed works perfectly with its Deftek Feed system that rolls the paintballs into the markers chamber neatly without dropping them in. Instead, the slightly offset feed rolls balls in a sequence into a breech to prevent bouncing while the hopper force-feeds and the bolt resets.

When a paintball moves through the Deftek, the Break Beam Sensor System verifies its presence to prevent chopping, thus permitting the firing of the ball once it is in the breach. In addition, there is a quality control subroutine that functions to clear away impediments.

4. Cure Bolt, Rammer, and Regulator

The Etek 4 is versatile as it uses the same cure bolt as the Ego marker. It can also be upgraded by bolts like the cure 3+ and cure 4+ because they seamlessly fit into the marker’s body and rear space. The cure bolt proves to be successful by shooting paintballs without them breaking in the feed and breech. The marker also possesses a Zick2 Rammer with a unique cap only found in Etek 4.

If you love playing paintball, you would the Etek 4 would be a great gun since its regulator is of good quality. Furthermore, it can be paired with any style of tan and swapped between different pressure levels without an important output change.

5. ASA and Barrel

This marker possesses the same ASA as the Etha paintball marker made by Planet Eclipse. It is a low-profile on and off purge style valve that has been structured with a hose exit mounted on its front. It is easy to twist while opening, and it can also be mounted nicely to the marker’s rail. The gun shares compatibility with POPS ASA as well.

It is built with the same barrel used on the Ego Shaft 4 marker and Geo marker with a diameter of 0.693″. With these Shaft 4 boost kits, you are sure they will match your game and needs.

6. Trigger

The marker has a trigger with a standard reverse curve that clips perfectly in the trigger frame. It is also fully adjustable, making it easier to alter it while finding its ideal position. The trigger is built with a magnetic return and is self-lubricating for greater fluidity. It gives players the advantage of adjusting the magnetic return if they want to.

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Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Review

When it comes to a marker, you need to look at how good it is in terms of performance, and it is safe to agree that only a few guns can compete with this high-end paintball gun, planet eclipse Etek 5. Most players have fallen in love with Etek 5, but what does it make it better and outstanding than the rest of the markers? If you plan on investing in this paintball marker, here are some of the in-depth features.

1. Design & Feel

The weapon exists in 7 shades of color, giving room for something for everyone. It has a good design, just like any other paintball gun, but a distinguished make of high-quality aluminum gives it a nice solid feel.

This lightweight marker only weighs around 2kg making it easy to carry it along the whole day without feeling the weight on your arms. Furthermore, the Etek 5 gives you a comfortable hold with a grip on the marker’s design. The comfortability makes the gun feel like an extension of the arm.

2. Efficiency

Etek 5 being among the top high-end paintball markers, works great, unlike other guns that are far more expensive. This construction is accurate and fantastic because the material used by the machine is very reliable. The weapon is perfect for use in both cold and hot weather, so you don’t have to worry about seasons.

Planet Eclipse manufacturers make reliable and great paintball guns, especially in the Etek line, and Etek 5 is not an exception. The gun uses a less but accurate amount of air which is conservative. Additionally, the machine is a fast shooter with high accuracy which is why it is marketed as a natural speedball gun.

It beats the odds by being a beast in woodsball and scenario-based games by giving out quality performances. It operates on low-key sound such that you can sneak around shooting enemies without them knowing your moves.

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Pros and Cons of Planet Eclipse Etek Markers


  • Quick intelligence
  • Great grip
  • Less noisy
  • Fairly light
  • Seven different designs
  • High-quality material
  • Outstanding performance


  • Quite pricey
  • Suitable for advanced players and professionals


The Etek 4 is a nicely balanced machine that is lightweight to stand the test of time. However, it lacks a substantial kick when fired. Most users of this weapon find that it triggers the uncomfortable but is high on performance.

If you are a paintball lover and can afford around $500 on a paintball gun, you should consider the Etek 4 and Etek 5 high-end markers. Most of their features are of high tech, an aspect loved by people who play tournaments. However, if you are new to the paintball game or not taking it seriously, you should try out other cheaper markers.