Welcome to our directory of paintball fields in New Hampshire. Over the years, we’ve travelled coast to coast, dipping into every nook and cranny the USA has to offer, all in the pursuit of quality paintball fields. Now, we’re sharing that wisdom with you. From indoor arenas to expansive outdoor fields, we’ve got you covered. We’ve thought ahead about the little things too—like whether they’ve got munchies on-site, or if there’s a pro shop. Good ol’ New Hampshire sure has its fair share of paintball gems. Now, sit back, scroll down, and get to know the best paintball fields in the Granite State.

AG Paintball

AG Paintball, nestled in Weare, New Hampshire, is an outdoor paintball venue favored for its diverse field styles including Hyperball, Urban and Tactical, Scenario, and Woodsball. This destination caters to all levels of paintball enthusiasts with group packages, a pro shop, equipment rental, and on-site food service for a complete and convenient play experience.

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