Welcome to our corner of the web dedicated to showcasing the ric variety of paintball fields that California has to offer. We’ve hit the road, exploring from sunny SoCal up to Northern California to bring you not just the best spots, but also a range of paintball experiences. Whether you’re looking to dodge paintballs in an indoor arena or take cover behind natural obstacles in an expansive outdoor field, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry, we’ve also got the essentials sorted. We’ve noted down where you can grab a bite to eat, cop some refreshing drinks, and even locations with pro shops. With our compiled list and easy-to-navigate website, finding the right paintball field in California will be as breezy as a Pacific Coast day. Dive in and explore – your paintball adventure awaits!

Davis Paintball

Davis Paintball is a top-rated outdoor field in Davis, California, that offers various styles, including Hyperball, Scenario, Urban, and Tactical. With amenities like equipment rental and group party packages, it caters to all player types and occasions. The venue also provides snacks and beverages through vending machines for a quick refuel between games.

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Playland Paintball

Playland Paintball is an outdoor paintball field located in Petaluma, California. It offers a diverse game experience with Urban and Tactical field styles. Additionally, they provide equipment rental and group/party packages making it an ideal spot for a exciting group outing.

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Stryker Paintball

Stryker Paintball in Santa Paula, California is an exciting outdoor paintball spot that offers a range of field styles including scenario, urban, and tactical. Visitors can rent equipment on-site for convenience and vending machines are readily available for a quick drink refreshment.

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Paintball USA

Paintball USA is an outdoor park located in Palmdale, California. Catering to different styles of play, the park offers Hyperball, Scenario, Urban, and Tactical fields, perfect for players seeking varied experiences. With the convenience of equipment rental on site, Paintball USA ensures a fun-filled day for its visitors.

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