Our friends at Critical Paintball let us know they have unveiled the Critical Ultralight Raze Trigger for the DYE NT, DM11 and DM10 paintball guns. The trigger is said to be ergonomically correct and offer 4 ways of adjustment enabling you to customize your trigger pull and adjust the amount pull you want after the break. Best of all, it doesn’t void your DYE warranty.

The official feature list includes;

The Critical Paintball UL Raze NT trigger will fit:

* Dye NT 10
* Dye NT 11
* Dye DM 11

* Dual Ball Bearing Pivot Point (using ultra smooth high quality bearings)
* Ultra light weight design
* Ergonomically correct design
* Integrated adjustable reverse polarity magnetic return
* Rounded and smooth edges (fully radiused)
* Super smooth and very, very fast
* Four way adjustable trigger, magnet tension, switch activation point via the unique Critical Lever System, rear travel stop, and trigger angle
* The Critical NT Trigger will adjust using the stock externally adjustable cone set screws or for a greater range of motion you can use the more standard set screws for pre and post travel.  You can also use a combination of the two for superior adjustability.


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