Outdoor Xtreme Battlefield Orlando is an Outdoor Paintball Field located in Orlando, Florida.

1251 S Co Rd 13
United States

Phone: (772) 643-5498
Email: info@oxparks.com
Website: www.oxorlando.com

Opening Times

Outdoor Xtreme Battlefield Orlando is typically open on the following days:

  • Saturday
  • Sunday

For more information on opening times, please contact Outdoor Xtreme Battlefield Orlando directly. 

Field Styles

Outdoor Xtreme Battlefield Orlando offers the following paintballing styles:

  • Urban and Tactical
  • Scenario

Food Options

The following food options are offered at Outdoor Xtreme Battlefield Orlando:

  • Bring Your Own


The following amenities are available at Outdoor Xtreme Battlefield Orlando:

  • Equipment Rental
  • Pro Shop
  • Online Waiver Available
  • Group/Party Packages

The minimum age for participating at this location is 8 years old.

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