Infamous wins PSP Chicago Open 2010

Congratulations to LA Infamous for winning the pro title at the PSP Chicago Open. Read on for the top 4 from each division.

infamous Victory Todd 2


1st LA Infamous
2nd Tampa Bay Damage
3rd Edmonton Impact
4th Russian Legion

Division 1

1st New Jersey Jesters
2nd L.I.F.T
3rd HuSTLe
4th Total Karnage Orlando

Division 2

1st upTon 187 cRew
2nd Grad
3rd G.S.E.
4th Boom

Division 3

2nd Boom II
3rd Total Karnage Kidz
4th D.C. Monstars

Division 4

1st Tampa Bay Vengeance
2nd Cinicinnati Paintball
3rd Team Betrayal
4th AAF

Division 3 5man

1st Golden State Pirates
2nd Worthless
3rd 495 kids
4th Detroit Action

Division 4 5man

2nd Atlanta Breakout
3rd Malicious Intent
4th Joyride