The guys behind the Vanguard and the Lucky UN1-tech barrel system are at it again.


Vanguard has been working on perfecting the creed platform utilizing feedback from teams and players all over the world allowing us to bring you what we feel is the perfect marker. With its OLED screen and intuitive interface powered by a lightweight efficient Lipoly cell giving you over 100,000 shots from a full charge, USB connectivity for upgrades, charging and data transfer the creed is the most advanced marker to date. Hi Flow Pneumatic Drive train and patented Balanced valve design give you the best shot to shot consistency with little to no kick. Driven by advanced custom MAC valve allows the creed to cycle with low dwell time with no QEV. Super Lightweight 3d milled body and integrated regulator give the creed an ergonomic and balanced feel allowing you to shoot with ease. Weight with Battery, Barrel and Regulator : 848 grams 3 bore Barrel kit giving you all your options for paint matching, other lengths and bores available.

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