• FeatureThis: Chicago 2010

    FeatureThis: Chicago 2010

    Rewinding back to Chicago 2010, Pro Paintball veteran photographer Matt Dawson brings us another great issue of his much anticipated FeatureThisPB.com event magazine. This one’s been in the works for almost a year now, and […]

  • Grind Magazine: Volume 5 release

    Grind online magazine has released its fifth issue for 2010, keep in mind is is absolutely FREE. Featured in the Volume are pictures and information from World Cup, Emerging Underground, player profiles and more. Be […]

  • DQ Films releases "End"

    DQ Films releases "End"

    Danny Quinn, otherwise known as DQ Films, has released his newest video, entitled “End”. DQ has made his mark not only as an outstanding paintball player but as well as a remarkable videographer, not only […]

  • GRIND Magazine Volume IV

    GRIND Magazine Volume IV

    Pro Paintball player Drew Templeton has just released his fourth volume of his FREE online magazine “GRIND”. Aside from competing in every professional event held in the U.S. currently, Drew finds time to photograph and […]

  • FeatureThisPB.com Phoenix 2010 by Matt Dawson

    FeatureThisPB.com Phoenix 2010 by Matt Dawson

    The wait was definitely there, but the sequel feature to last years PSP Phoenix open by Matt Dawson has finally arrived. With player interviews and stories to top-notch photography by one of the longest standing […]

  • PSP Phoenix – Saturday Summary

    PSP Phoenix – Saturday Summary

    The staff here at Pro Paintball had a long day at the PSP Phoenix event here in Arizona, between the time spent shaking hands, meeting new people and posting up scores of all the games […]

  • GRIND Magazine Vol. #2: The Off Season

    GRIND Magazine Vol. #2: The Off Season

    The last few months between the last event of 2009 and the PSP Phoenix event taking place this week have been quite eventful in the means of teams dropping off, sponsorship cuts and roster changes. […]

  • New DYE NT team paintball guns

    New DYE NT team paintball guns

    Last year in October at the PSP World Cup in Polk City, FL, DYE Precision offered a program allowing teams to get the full experience of the new 2010 NT markers. Now that the guns […]

  • ProPaintball.com named Website of the Year 2009

    ProPaintball.com named Website of the Year 2009

    Splat Magazine has been a well established name in the paintball publications category for years now. As budgets got tighter and technology advanced through the internet, online magazines started to appear. Splat Magazine took on […]

  • AXBL: Terminated

    AXBL: Terminated

    It was released today that the American Xtreme Paintball League (AXBL), the American league tied to the Canadian CXBL series, has announced that they will not be running their season in the U.S. and merely […]

  • Tommy "Gun" Pemberton Retires

    Tommy "Gun" Pemberton Retires

    It is always sad to see great players part ways with our sport, especially great influences to the Pro Paintball community such as Tommy Pemberton. Tommy announced yesterday that he would be retiring from his […]