Watch and listen to Travis Lemanski, Alex Savino, Justin Schwarz and the rest of Infamous talk about making moves and what they need to do to win World Cup. Infamous did well at world cup placing 4th as well as finishing the season in 4th place. … Read More

Planet Eclipse presents the Dail-E Download on location with host Matt Marshall. A quick look at the Saturday prelims action from the 2010 PSP World Cup. [youtube][/youtube]

mikko-ironmenWord on the street is one of the top 13 pro paintball teams won’t be making it to the 2009 PSP World Cup. Rumor has it that Joy Division will be competing in place of the missing team.

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Call it a Cupback: What force in our industry is powerful enough to drag ProPaintball out of the muck of obscurity..? PSP World Cup 2012. It really is that great of an event, and we’d be damned to let all … Read More

Artifact Episode 6, “The Reason” follows Chicago Aftershock as they compete all the way to the finals of 2010 World Cup of Paintball, and attempt to define themselves against both their peers, and the legacy they have inherited from one of the winningest teams in the history of professional paintball.

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