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Team VICIOUS Tryouts

Team VICIOUS is looking to add to our roster for the 2012 season. Anyone interested is encouraged to get in touch with us. Please have a minimum of experience at the D1 or higher level.Read More

ETV To Film 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament

The VICIOUS Tournament Series is proud to announce that ETV (Planet Eclipse TV) will be on hand to film the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament, held on October 17, 2010. ETV will be on hand to film games, as well as conduct random player interviews for their 2011 ETV DVD. The addition of ETV to an […]Read More

PPB Exclusive: VICIOUS GEO2 Paintball Guns

VICIOUS and Planet Eclipse are very excited to debut the new VICIOUS GEO2. The GEO2 is an amazing marker and we are so happy to have the opportunity to work with Eclipse to produce another custom VICIOUS GEO. The VGEO2 features custom milling, color combination’s, and the VICIOUS badge.Read More

PSP Phoenix Pro Paintball Schedule – Saturday

Today is day 2 of the 3 day pro paintball tournament hosted by the PSP in Glendale, Az. Paintball games have been running smoothly and the weather is excellent. Semi pro and pro paintball teams from across the world got off to a great start yesterday with several hard fought matches. Most notable were the […]Read More

PPB Exclusive: VICIOUS 2010 Team Guns

Planet Eclipse, VICIOUS, Violent Products and Furious have teamed up to produce one of the nicest VICIOUS guns to date. This gun will feature a Violent trigger (not pictured) in polished red, and a VICIOUS Furious barrel. These guns are super limited, only 20 made. Of the 20, 12 will be egos, and the remaining […]Read More

2010 VICIOUS Jerseys

Over the years, team VICIOUS has been known for its signature long sleeve jerseys. This year, with their move up to the pro paintball division in the PSP, they are keeping the tradition alive. Check out these stellar jerseys. We are being told they will only be producing 3 home jerseys and 1 away per […]Read More

VICIOUS snags another

With the recent signings on pro paintball teams, we were sure we would see a few free agents get snagged up. Team VICIOUS has just secured a major pro paintball player. Click the image below to view the official announcement.Read More