The battle between XSV and Vicious is on! XSV took the first four points by eliminating players off the break and pressing their advantage. VICIOUS looks like they are having a rough day, team members are continually getting shot out … Read More

Gab-Fest Paintball host Jerry Desvarieux grills fellow pro paintball veteran Thomas Taylor about living out of a suitcase and travelling abroad for the sport we love. This is part of the larger series created by the folks at BuyPBL.

Cassidy Sanders and Mark Kressin from Channel H have produced their final report from NPPL HB 2011. Watch for a few clips of the finals action and catch interviews with pro paintball players Josh Davey (Edmonton Impact), Ryan Greenspan (San … Read More

Empire Paintball signs Sacramento XSV to shoot the Empire AXE for the 2011 paintball season. Read on for a few words from pro players Thomas Taylor and Rich Telford.